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We’re having a week in the Netherlands soon. The last year some of the places we tried to use for coffee and snacks would only take electronic payments - no cash payment possible. I was reluctant to use my UK debit card, as I anticipated being charged flat fees for each transaction on top of the conversion rate. This time I thought I’d get a preloaded debit card loaded with Euro, perhaps with contactless facility so I can make small purchases without incurring excess fees.
Am I right in thinking that a preloaded card will appear to the Netherlands card reader as a local card? Are there any snags I should be aware of? Any recommendations for suppliers?

Please help.

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I’d just look for another cafe mate.

A prepaid euro card should work, tho

A prepaid card will not necessarily appear as a local card unless issued by a financial institution with a local BIN code.

It would however, as a EUR denominated card, be in their local currency and hence not subject to DCC dialogue prompts.

However many retailers in Netherlands only take Maestro and VPay rather than MasterCard Debit and Visa Debit.

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