Pre-ordering authorising the full amount months in advance

Good to see that nearly three years on and Monzo still haven’t added a way to see your real balance that doesn’t include pending transactions, or a way to look up pending transactions that haven’t been reversed. I just had a second authorisation put through for a single order which means that amount has been taken twice from the balance Monzo surfaces, but the older one won’t finalise and they might do this again next week. This isn’t just car hire pre-auths, it’s shopping too. With me it’s specifically Japanese retailers that do this, so that might be why nobody (including Monzo) cares, but I’m back to looking overdrawn when actually I have a hundred quid or so in pending transactions that I have to wait a month for them to clear naturally (yeah they’re full authorisations too, so it’s a full 30 days rather than 7 days I have to wait).

So once again, Monzo, please surface the balance without pending transactions and/or a list of pending transactions that haven’t finalised yet.


I think you can be sure this will never happen.

Monzo have always made it a feature that you see your balance including all pendings, rather than having it change days after a transaction.


But unless I’m missing something here it doesn’t matter who you bank with or how the balance is displayed, but your available balance will still be ~£100 down so you still won’t be able to buy anything with the money.

I guess without the preauth situation improving the best thing to do would be to make use of the overdraft facility. AFAIK you only pay fees on cleared transactions when you’re overdrawn not pending ones. I’m sure someone else can confirm/deny this.


Thank god I seen this comment.
I was absolutely baffled when I paid for fuel at pump
the pump said competed and I drove off . But when the money never left and all it said is £1 taken and waiting to collect i panicked. Thought I committed theft at a petrol station. Its absolutely bizzafe they can’t take that money and se it aside deduct from balance now im scared to use the card incase I don’t have funds left in it .
Reference for future pay at kiosk🤦‍♀️

Pretty sure you know how much fuel you put into the car, so manually work out what’s coming out and don’t use that.

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The £1 auth should have gone away everywhere by now I thought?.. it should authorise up to £100 (or thereabouts) then confirm the transaction at the correct level within a few minutes. This was changed precisely because it was confusing and causing people issues (not to mention the fraud risk - steal a card, then go from petrol station to petrol station loading £1 a time onto it). - section 4.11.1 on page 136.

as far as i know only Morrisons do this to date…

The Morrison’s near me do £1 auth, but it updates to the full amount within a minute or so of replacing the nozzle. Tesco also does £1 auth and takes a few days to update the amount.

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Pretty ridiculous when the rules about this changed in 2017. Taking a few days isn’t acceptable, or even sane… it’s an online transaction.