(Bob) #455

We only have core functionality with the initial offering of Pots, but their potential to grow into full budgeting tools is enormous.

Like many of us I too am looking forward to automated transfer of funds both in and out, as well as any other tricks and surprises Monzo may have in store for Pots :star_struck:

(Ricardo Veras) #456

Not too sure if it has been mentioned, but when is the function being implemented into the general public? Not just for the flight test app?

(Caspar) #457

Within the next few days by the sounds of it.

(Simon B) #458

Monday into the App Store as I understand it. Android to follow.


Pots - helping set reasonable goals :stuck_out_tongue:


This is starting to get pretty interesting. :+1:


Not for me.

Not until it is available on Android. :clock1::clock2::clock3::clock4::clock5::clock6:…waiting for :alarm_clock:

(Louis Otto) #462

Do we know if Android is going to be days away? Weeks? Hours? “Soon” doesn’t really give much to go on…

(Caspar) #463

@simonb said it would be on both platforms within days of each other.

(Kavi Dhokia) #464

We’ve been working on pots on both platforms simultaneously. It’s worked out first on iOS due to the way our app releases are timed. Android pots are coming veeery soon (days rather than hours though).

(Louis Otto) #465

Thank you :slight_smile:

(connorianreilly) #466

Pots are great, Guys. :slight_smile: . Monzo have worked hard on them and I’m sure more functionality will come in the future. For now, they separate money that you are trying to save perfectly & having to move the money manually each month isn’t hard at all.

(Colin Robinson) #467

Refreshes Updates every 5 minutes to move on from 1.9.18 #348

(MikeF) #468

Yes, of the notional ‘pots’ that I’ve maintained for years, a number map exactly onto this “launch functionality” and I’ve transferred those funds over already. I hope to migrate more as the function is extended over the next few years.

It was a bit odd removing them from the scope of my long-standing budget management mechanism. (I can see their values in-app so I don’t need to maintain a seperate record any more).

(TWN) #469

Are you on Android?? No update on App Store yet.

(MikeF) #470

Both Apple and Android app stores are waiting. Both are coded and promised in the next few days (depending on whatever the release schedule to each app store is)


I neeeeeeeeeeeed it before Friday, thanks


(TWN) #472

Thanks for the update.

(James Murray-Ferris) #473

Get them to add you on TestFlight if you’re on iOS as it’s released on that as no approval process!


android :slight_smile:

I can’t afford apple :joy: