The subject of pots was talked about at recent Monzo event last week. It’s currently somewhere inbetween speculation and fact.

(Jake Tame) #273

Pots are around the corner according to today’s blog post https://monzo.com/blog/2017/10/30/monzo-to-monzo-payments/


Looks like joint accounts are on the way, too, given that Tom and Emma are sharing an account :wink::laughing:


Well spotted :wink:

is it 20 yet

(afonso) #276

Anyone notice that the more new features link in the last paragraph on the below post links to the Pots discussion?!?

(Sean Wilson) #277

Super excited for pots. Exactly what I need to get rid of my many other savings accounts!


I think as we transition to the current accounts pots are going to be really beneficial. I currently have a few ‘pots’ with my legacy bank in the form of ISA and savings accounts in order to save more effectively and i would like to be able to transistion over to Monzo completely at some stage.
Pots will definitely have their use.

(Bradley) #279

Would manually transferring the funds before each shared purchase be problematic?

Alternatively you could have an option in app to choose an ‘active’ pot for the card? So for example when you choose ‘shared’ pot, expenditure is taken from that pot.

This could perhaps be implemented by Monzo processing your payment as normal from your account, but then retrospectively (automated) recovering the funds from the active pot (I.e. Akin to splitting a bill now, except a request for the full amount is made to the active pot and is fulfilled if the amount is available).

(Louis Otto) #280

Pots can’t come quickly enough, it’s essentially the only pain-point I have at this stage.

It’s probably been mentioned/clarified, but I guess that pots used as savings accounts won’t generate any form of interest?

(Tony Hoyle) #281

Pots with interest would be an interesting idea for the future :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure Monzo is heading that way though, since they aren’t planning on lending money they’re not making any money on your ‘savings’ so there’s nowhere to pay the interest from.

(Louis Otto) #282

That’s sort of what I assumed would be the case, but perhaps they’ll partner with 3rd parties to offer linked services via pots, we can dream :slight_smile:


hi Monzo please implement this soon

love and kisses xoxoxoxoxox

I saw the blog post…

(Mike) #284

Brilliant idea, I’d love that. You should definitely do this. :+1:

(Simon B) #285

Pots are definitely coming sooner rather than later :grinning:

You will love the experience, the UI and the functionality. It’s 100% what you’d all expect from Monzo and beautifully integrated into the overall app UX.

After so much work prepping migration this year, it’s so awesome to see progress happening on new features :grinning:


Good news, however, the absence of any interest in return may detract some customers from saving there.

I have Goals with Starling attracting 0.50%. Not groundbreaking, however, why should I choose Monzo Pots over Starling Goals?

I also have B’s Savings Pots available at 0.50%, though not in use at the moment as still testing and comparing all three accounts.

Just a thought.


I’m not using Pots to save. I’m using it to assign money.

If I want a savings account I would use another provider :woman_shrugging:


I think in future Monzo will bring saving options with in app Marketplace or partnerships with 3rd party providers

(Toby Toller) #289

The 0.5% on a £2,000 deposit equates to about 85p per month.

I’d happily sacrifice that for better UI.


You are both absolutely correct.

I would not deem anything below 3% as a savings account really as there is no reward.

Was playing devil’s advocate.

Piggybanking is a feature I was taught in the 70s and there was no additional return then as was cash and moneyboxes.

I love the Pots, Goals, Jars features.

Looking forward to seeing the Monzo version.


I like the idea of pots/goals/jars.

I would like to be able to set a target amount with a deadline date (I.e £600 for a holiday in June 2018), could the pot then advise how much each month I’d need to save to reach my target amount. If 1 month I got behind, could this increase my average paying in amount over the remaining months? Maybe also a slim bar graph showing how I was going?

I might be asking for too much, but if you don’t ask you don’t get!