Pots within a Pot (Savings or Normal) / nested pots

A great budgeting tool especially when going on holiday.

The idea is you can open a specific pot (i.e. holiday / monthly disposable budget) and use envelopes, so you put an amount of money in the pot and then choose how many envelopes (days) you want it split over.

The system then separates the total pot amount into each envelope which you can open each day, so you can only use what’s in that envelope each day, anything you don’t use automatically rolls over to the next days envelope

Your best bet is to set up the pot, use scheduled pot withdrawals to draw that amount out of the pot into the main account balance.

That’s how I handle my day-to-day budgeting at the moment, and it works great.

Sounds similar to nested pots which has been suggested before (see below and make sure you vote for it) however envelopes sounds like a nicer name.

aye, similar, except with envelopes it does it all for you, so it automatically separates the whole pot amount into the individual days so you don’t have to set up different schedules and then anything left over rolls over

Well yea, but setting up a scheduled pot transfer is pretty straightforward. The only difference between envelopes & scheduled pot transfer if the terminology & how you set it up.

Both still require you to have the money in a pot. Both still allow the money to roll over if you don’t use it.


Still really need this, especially given the limit of a single instant access savings account/ISA/Safety Net.

I’d like to be able to categorise my savings (and have some excluded from trends which includes my instant access accounts). Currently I keep more savings in other banks just to keep them out of trends. Other option is an excel speed-sheet but not ideal.

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YES!! We so need this, sub-pots within the savings pot so they can collectively earn interest - But can be organised for different events we are saving for.

Monzo if you are reading this, then this is your sign to make this happen!

I wonder if they are in a better position now, how can we get more of the community involved?