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Yes! Also a big Qapital fan. The automatic savings rules are amazing!

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Right now I leave any money for a short term goal in my checking account. Anything for a long term goal I will transfer out to a high yield savings account. The most difficult thing about saving for a vacation is consistently putting aside the same amount each month when bills vary.

I like the idea of Pots, but I think for them to be useful for long term goals there should be some way to gain interest on the savings pots. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much sense to leave it in checking instead of transferring it out to a high yield savings account.

I think this is why the question is being asked about short term and long term saving/goals.

I don’t care about interest rates on money they is being put aside for 3 weeks until rent or mortgage is due. Personally not even bothered about it if I’m saving for 3 months for a holiday.

Saving for longer term goals like a house or travelling the world though - then I’d agree.

Personally can’t wait to see Pots. When do we see the product roadmap?

Hi Sarah - how’s the product roadmap coming along?

Pots seem to be listed on the US website as a feature, :thinking: though this may just be to encourage waitlist signups.

Is this feature working for anyone else?

We’ve added an update on our blog, about what we have planned for early Janurary, including when you’ll be able to see our roadmap publicly! We’ve focussing over the last month making sure that the roadmap we have plan aligns with the feedback the US community of early testers have been giving us, so we can be sure what we build next works for you! You can read the blog post here:
https://monzo.com/blog/2019/12/30us-update-2019! - expect more updates in Jan!


Hi all - thanks again for all the feedback, thought you’d all be happy to see this! :raised_hands: Happy saving! https://monzo.com/blog/2020/01/15/pots-us-beta

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