Pots roundup on direct debits

Would love to get pots roundup functionality on direct debits.

For example when my £14.99 direct debit for Spotify Family comes out each month I’d love the 1p to go to my pot. My bank account balance is normally £x.00 as my debit card transactions are rounded up to the nearest pound with round up. Then direct debits hit and mess it all up.

Can we please have this feature?

I’m sure it does that already as I know mine rounds it up to £10 with Spotify and a few other subscriptions I have at least direct debits is a bit different as they could vary each time.

It does for card payments, but not for Direct Debits - hence the request. Doubt it would take much for Monzo to implement this given they have it working on card payments already.

I didn’t even realise Spotify did Direct Debits!

I don’t think they do as they work off the card number and cvv it just looks like a direct debit which might be confusing some users.

Ok maybe Spotify is a bad example - I pay Spotify via PayPal and I have a Direct Debit set up between PayPal and my Monzo account.

Doesn’t matter that it’s Spotify - the principle still applies. I’d like pot roundup to work on Direct Debits please.

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Good suggestion. I was only thinking about this earlier. I would like this too, but I’d like this round up feature to be more reliable first.

My monthly iTunes payment went out today and didn’t roundup, but my nowtv payment did. They’re both card transactions, Monzo knows they’re repeating payments, so as far as I can see there’s no difference and should work the same.

Would also be nice to have the bugs fixed around displaying this credit to pot balance.

I know this is a bit of an old topic… but i had this exact conversation with one of the COPs after recently going full monzo.

We use a joint account for all of our house bills, and given they all end in some kind of pence, i asked if there was the feature to round up…

I’m guessing as the topic seems to have died it may not have much traction but still something i’d definitely like to see!

This definitely needs to happen! My bank balance looks dirty with all them pennies in it, I’m so use to it being £xxx.00 all the time now and when I see pennies in my balance it really does my head in :rage::joy:

+1 for this idea.

If you want to +1 the idea you need to vote for it at the top :point_up:


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I’d quite like the option to round up all debits from my account, anything that takes money out should be rounded except manual payments(would be nice to have a button on these individually) :slight_smile:


I would love this feature and if it happens then I would defo move my joint account to Monzo

I knew there must be a topic on this, search ftw!

I tried to do it with Sheets but couldn’t get it to work reliably, this would keep my pots neater but would also help me save £3.71 a month.

This is a much-needed feature, I know it does it for physical card use but it would be great for Direct Debits and Card Subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon, Audible…