Pots Improvement - Charity Pots


I’m really pleased this is coming in. I would really like to be able to combine charity pots and rules, so that every time I spend on my monzo it rounds the price up to the nearest pound and puts the spare change into the pot. Kind of like an electronic version of the charity collection boxes on shop countertops.

(Max O'Leary) #22

Like I said, sure I had missed it but my opinion is still that other features deserve more dev time.


Revolut have just done a (somewhat biased) poll on this feature:

(Nicholas Martin) #24

I love the idea of combining pots, with a charitable donation of my choice. Got money to spare? Just hit the “donate to charity” and nominate which charity should receive it. In my case, it would be the MS Trust.


Hello Monzo !
What about partnering with charities (such as WWF, Cancer McMillan etc…) which the customer would choose and for every transaction made on a Monzo card, 0.01p would be gifted to that charity. When looking at the space digital payment has taken in our life that would be more effective than knocking doors to doors or running thousands of miles in sport sponsored events.
How much transactions are done in a day at Monzo ? If we are 500,000 users by assuming 10% of us would enter that scheme and we roughly use our cards a minimum 3 times per day that gives you around half a million charity pot …
what do you think about that idea :bulb: ?


(Jack) #26


Great idea! A lot of forum users have also requested such a feature. My guess is it will be looked into once the monzo marketplace is up and running / they have a lot of the core features out the way.

I’ve moved your post here where there’s already an ongoing discussion :slight_smile:

(Hubert Behaghel) #27

I would say the starting point to all this is a “gift & donation” spending category :innocent: