Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(Adam) #103

Please let us do the following:

  • reorganise pots on the accounts page, so we can get to pots we use more often. Alternatively you could implement a list view as well.
  • transfer smaller amounts to pots, at the moment we can only transfer £5 minimum.




Click on the amount button between + and - and you can add any amount

(Ben Green) #105

I’d like the ability to hide certain pots.

It’s harder to spend what you don’t know you have :wink:

(Josh Carson) #106

I’d love to have direct debits come straight from pots - specify what payment should come from what pot.

Or at least have my direct debits hidden from my available balance

(Sam Buxton) #107

Not sure if this has been asked for before, but could we possibly have something like this for pots when there is a goal you’re heading for?

I like how Nationwide show you how much you’d need to deposit daily, weekly and monthly to meet a goal by a certain date!

(Jack) #108

or lock the money in there until a future date say 6 months time

(Aaron Bamford) #109

Adding my two cents here, I may or may not be repeating anything mentioned before:

  • The ability to add or withdraw a custom amount from a pot (I had to to two withdrawals to get the amount i needed. I couldn’t find an obvious way to do this differently)
  • I’m not sure how this would work. But it would be good to assign payments to a pot withdrawal. In my scenario I withdrew the amount I needed from my pot, then made the payment. It would be good if it tied these up somehow and made my feed show this better. The integration with the main account and payments seems a bit clunky.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #110

Hi @airzy91, custom amount, click on the figure (£5) and it will let you enter any amount of your choice :slight_smile: Unfortunately not obvious at all, but this is how it’s done.

The payments to a pot is something they are looking into for the future - to have all direct debits come out of a bills pot for instance. Not sure how far off this is, but is something they’ve mentioned in the early days.

(Aaron Bamford) #111

Ahh yeah that makes sense. I thought i’m normally pretty intuitive with that sort of thing. Apparently not!


@tristan is there anyway to make it more obvious on the app how to input a custom amount to add or withdraw a specific amount to/from a pot? Seems to be a recurring problem that people have no idea it’s an option and that they can only choose from the + and - buttons

(Kenny Grant) #113

I think tiny grey letters under the number saying click to edit would be a good addition so that people know that is available but it doesn’t detract from the simple + - buttons.

The only other problem I have with adding money to a pot is the keyboard doesn’t include a Done button and obscures the button on the page when you do add money via the number tap method.


@tristan why is the number of pots we can create currently restricted to 10? Also, do you have any updates on when we’ll be able to create more than 10 pots?

(Richard Cook) #115

Hey Samuel! We sort of addressed this above but I’ll share it again here -

So it’s not currently planned. But we’d be open to hear more!

(Andy Barnes) #116

Didn’t realise this was a limitation. Just so happens that I have 10 pots, so I didn’t realise.

But maybe you could let us know what you’d like them for? We’d love to hear your particular use case.

I might be misusing them, but using them as saving goals for certain things. I have two kids and have something along the following lines:

  • Rainy Day
  • 1p Challenge
  • Christmas
  • Child 1 Birthday
  • Child 2 Birthday
  • iPhone

I’m actually using YNAB to track those savings goals anyway. So I could realistically consolidate them if needs be.


Thanks for the reply, but this is annoying as I have 27 goals on Starling, which I’d love to be able to transfer over.

Even organising pots similar to the the current spending screen, with targets would certainly suffice.


27 savings goals?! why why why


Erm, because there are 27 different things I’m saving for?


I’m just being nosy but I’m intrigued to know what you’re saving for :slight_smile:


Just the standard things. Birthdays per family member and Christmas (I have a big family), new car, holidays, new phone, rainy day, student loan etc

(Stephen Clarke-Keating) #122

I’ve noticed what I consider to be one overarching design flaw with Pots.

Limiting withdrawals to rounded amounts!

I understood why that might have been the case with top ups before the current account was launched, but there is absolutely no practicality for your customers to have to withdraw in multiples of £5 or £10 from inside of their accounts. The pessimist in me is tempted to call lazy implementation on this one to get the feature out and live, I just hope that eventually the UI will offer the ability to transfer a specific amount as per the customers requirements.