Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(Peter Shillito) #365

This is interesting because you’d get just as many “feed” items on any other bank if you were moving between accounts, but Monzo half-pretends that pots are part of the same account (despite overdrafts not taking them into account) and so you’re encouraged to use them a lot more for money management, resulting in way more “feed” items than the average user would have with traditional banks.

To account for this, I’d say a single feed item per day of pot movements should be shown. It should also total up, so you add £50 to Utilities Pot and then add £10 to Sweets Pot and then withdraw £20 from Groceries Pot the unified feed item should be something like [Pot Movements: -£60 +£20 = -£40] or even just the grand total like [Pot Movements: -£40] and then tapping shows the breakdown of all movements.

Another way to tidy up the feed would be to use Coin Jar style badges on transactions that are paid for by a pot automatically (which would be a nice feature to have rather than just timing scheduled pot withdrawals to be when direct debits go out).

I am 100% against just completely hiding them, as this is money movements you need to be able to see in your feed list, but I agree the feed does get cluttered.

(Jamie Mill) #366

I would love certain payments to be taken directly from the pot, and somewhat like a separate balance so if I don’t have enough in my pot then it declines the purchase.

(Dan) #367

Thank you for your thoughts. I’d like to completely hide them altogether, so to have a filter in the transaction feed would perhaps be the more appropriate way? I’d also expect this filter to remember my settings permanently too!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #368

No plans have been announced.

All feedback and suggestions regarding round ups are posted in this topic: Round up your Monzo purchases automatically! Stick yours in there to ensure it is seen by the relevant people and is not lost in here :slight_smile:

(Dan) #369


It’s not really about round ups though. I don’t use that feature. It’s more about my feed being cluttered with all the movements between pots. Thanks though. :slightly_smiling_face:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #370


I replied to someone else who has since deleted their post so it now looks like I’m responding to you. Apologies for the confusion :smiley:

(Dan) #371

No worries. Didn’t feel like it was aimed at me. We safe.


I like the idea of grouping pot transfers. I also like the idea of grouping consecutive transactions at the same merchant (think drinks you buy in a pub or night out). I honestly expected this sort of thing to follow hot on the heels of the coin jar/round up improvements.

I do think it would be nice to have a filter to ‘hide’ pot transactions (that aren’t linked to paying a merchant).

They all risk obscuring the timeline of transactions though so it would probably still need to make you aware that other transactions have occurred. Maybe a ‘+ 5 other transactions’ discreetly at the bottom of each day? 🤷

(Dan) #373

Quite like the grouping of transactions at the same merchant on a daily basis.

Say you go to the cinema to watch a flick. You buy tickets, then take a seat. Then you realise there’s a half hour round of commercials. So whaddya do? You go back and buy some popcorn. Then take a seat and munch on the popcorn. So far that’s two transactions at the same merchant.

But oh wait and hang on to your horse there lad! You forgot the hot dogs! And the nachos! With extra melted cheese! Oh and a drink! Some chocolate? Ring it all up fella! Suddenly it becomes 10 transactions! 20!

So yeah, grouping transactions at the same merchant on a daily basis would beautify the feeds of over a million Monzo users.

(John) #374

I put a similar idea on the forum earlier and i think it something that would improve the feed immensely. I think it could be expanded even further than a single merchant in the same day though and make it event based.

Say you’re at the cimema and you’ve got all of your transactions grouped together as above and then you decide to go for a pizza afterwards then for a drink after that, all of your transactions could be grouped under ‘night out’ with a running total so you know what you’ve spent.


I’d rather a better version of something like tags for this. I’d need to see designs, but I’m sceptical about interfering with the feed - I like that it’s a single version of truth for individual transactions. I really wouldn’t want round-ups, for example, only being shown once a day in aggregate.

(Dan) #376

Pots are an unconventional banking feature (imo anyway), so this should rightfully come with an unconventional transaction feed to correlate. I’d prefer it if it didn’t show on my feed at all whenever I make a transfer between pots. It’s not like I’m transferring my money to a different account number, so I don’t really understand why it needs to show up at all. There’s a single bank balance and there are movements within that. I don’t understand why you’d want such a cluttered feed. Do you use pots and transfer money within your Monzo on a daily basis? I do and it’s an ugly feed as a result. If we can’t get rid of this clutter, then I propose a filter option to hide the clutter.

(SA) #377

Some more Pots images please, PLEASE.

(Richard) #378

No idea if anyone has mentioned this, but what about transferring money from one pot to another? Instead of having to place it back into the account and then into another pot? Or can this already be down and I’m being thick?

(SA) #379

It has been mentioned a few times so hopefully on the radar :+1:

(MikeF) #380

Hopefully on the radar, agreed. However, no one has suggested that is due for implementation so don’t hold your breath for anything in the immediate future.

(Peter Jose De Sousa) #381

So far loving pots, they offer the flexibility to “oversave” without worrying about the consequences whilst giving the constraint (that I can’t spend from them using my card) as a savings account!

There are some features which I would like added, and I also have some ideas, so going to trawl through this morning and find where I can suggest these… :slight_smile:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #382

Is it possible / are there any plans to enable a transaction history in Pots, please?

(Ricky Nos) #383

Why still limited to 10 pots? I find them incredibly useful, the more ways to ringfence my money the better. 15 pots would be good, unlimited would be better :wink:

(Tom) #384

Would love this! And a way to export that history (CSV etc).