Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

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Yes it is - Sorry, that was my pre coffee mistake of the day

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Good summary… Monzo needs a view where you can see all of your accounts and the balances on a single screen - the Tescobank app does this quite well. So at the moment this screen would show current account, joint account, and any pots with corresponding balances. I know pots are technically not accounts themselves right now, but could potentially still be displayed in such a way.

(UnknownPANIC) #347

Not to draw comprasion from the purple bank too much but their version of pots (goals) is very good. Seeing all the titles,pictures, amount in them at a glance is very helpful.
But i do like the monzo way of not having the amount and the title overlapping the picture blocking most of it.

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This is just on IOS. On android they’re vertical but either way there is a lot of scrolling :slight_smile:

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I’m not a graphic designer so apologies for the poor copy and paste from a random image i quickly googled,but the graphic below kinda displays how i think viewing all the pots could be a little better.

Stay with me on this.

If you picture your own image for a pot (piggy bank etc) as replacing the coloured pictures below.
The Pot title, amount and goal amount (in its current stick bar format) settings, Add and withdraw icons in the white bars next to the relevant pot.

You could click on the picture to open up that pot etc. Would be a great way of showing all the info while being able to quickly scroll through all your pots.

I realize that this is a very poor attempt at showing my idea. I wish i had any idea how to do some sort of graphic design, anyone with more talent than I who would like to give the nonsense above seem a little more polished then please be my guest.

I know I’ve taken this from Depositphotos so if this is any breach of copyright etc then please feel free to take it down.

(Peter Shillito) #350

To be honest, as far as choosing photos goes, I’d honestly prefer emojis. Those would work better for the little coin jar icons and also the big icon for actual transfers, and you wouldn’t need to maintain and store a bank of images.

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Yep i use something similar on my Starling account by using graphic icons i find on flaticon.com
I use the same designers to make sure i have a running theme of pastel type cartoon pictures for
Petrol (Petrol pump)
Savings (Piggy bank)
Bills (Wallet with money leaving it)

It makes it look the part - Trouble is with Starling any text overlaps the picture so they have to be pretty plain in order to read anything, Not the case for Monzo so you can make it a bit more personal to you.

I find that even a bigger selection of stock photos would help, as most people in general have kind of the same things they save for
Christmas, house, bills, holiday, car etc. Everyone’s different obviously but not having a choice of these stock images seems like an odd choice from Monzo.

It would be nice to hear anything back on this regarding the back end. Is there a reason we can’t yet add our own images or why we’re stuck on having the same small handful of stock photos?


I wouldn’t mind emojis for them. Just anything with a semblance of customisation so everything isn’t a picture of a pig or a plain colour in a huge box


Here’s some things I think would improve pots that aren’t in your list.

Pot transfers

  • Give nicknames to scheduled pot transfers.

  • Multiple scheduled payments to/from the same pot.

  • Pause scheduled payments once goal is met & Prompt to restart schedule if amount in pot goes below pot goal.

  • Edit scheduled pot transfers.

Pot goals

  • Target dates for pot goals.

  • Sub goals.

    • Multiple goals for a single pot each with their own progress bar.
    • Options to fill each individually in order or to fill all at once.

Types of Pots

  • Connected/shared pots.

    • Direct debits and standing orders from connected/shared pots.
  • Hidden pots.

  • Locked pots.

  • Pay recurring payments directly from pots (bills pot).


  • Ability to set up pots without immediately adding money by adding £0.

    • More intuitive design then the skip option in the top right.
  • Add notes to pots.

  • Ability to reorder pots in Account tab.

  • Individual pulse graphs for pots.

  • Pot transaction history (with own pulse graph).

  • Increase the number of allowed pots - I imagine the maximum is 256 pots.

  • Assign cards to pots.

  • Virtual cards for specific pots.

    • Adding virtual cards to Google/Apple Pay for specific pots from inside the Monzo app
    • Name of pot could appear on the card in the virtual wallet like the Joint Account virtual cards.

(Jake) #354

Any possibility of being able to lock a pot until a certain time period?

(Andy) #355

I’ve seen mockups of this so it’s something that’s been worked on but don’t think it’s too high up the list at the moment with all the other work needing done (interest pots, joint pots, committed pots etc)

(Jake) #356

I will use my self control for now. :joy::joy::joy:

(Nick) #357

Android user here. Hadn’t really changed how I was using pots since they were first launched (other than removing my coin jar and setting one of the earlier pots to rounding-up after that was made more flexible).

A couple of days ago I created some new pots, and this time I set up a scheduled payment for each one.

At the bottom of the screen when you’re setting a payment, it says “You’ll be able to change or cancel this payment at any time.”

I’d managed to set most of them up before realising that after setting payments to repeat, a ‘stop repeating’ option appears. So I tried to go back to some of the previous pots to add a ‘stop repeating’ date. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how! Am I being dense, or is this a case where the text is promising something that the current MVP implemented cannot provide?

Regardless of the answers to the above, I would very much prefer it if the “Stop repeating” option was visible but greyed out before a repeat period is selected rather than invisible. That would make it much harder to miss. Bear in mind that the current flow is:

  1. Set amount
  2. Set payment date
  3. Choose repeat period
    The ‘OK’ button for confirming this is almost at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The ‘Schedule Deposit’ button is immediately below the ‘OK’, so it’s trivial for the the user to tap the two in quick succession.

And this is how you (by which I mean me) manage to create several pots before you get interrupted between steps 3 and 4 and only then notice a ‘Stop repeating’ option has appeared.

Fun fact: while testing the app to check the process described above, I accidentally added £100 to a pot and then immediately withdrew it again. This has apparently effed up my pulse graph, and given the originally stated problem - I can’t find how to see and edit existing scheduled payments - I’ve no idea if it will repeat at any point or not. All of which is a long way from ideal.

(Sean) #358

You can get to the scheduled payment in “payments > scheduled payments” but as far as I can tell you can only cancel a pot payment whereas a SO you can edit.

Interestingly as well cancelling a pot scheduled payment requires pin instead of fingerprint to authenticate. (Android v2.16.0)

(Nick) #359

Thanks for that, I would never have thought to look in there! A “Manage payment” button rather than a “Manage pots” button from the feed item would’ve been much better. Indeed, I think the “Manage pots” button is pretty useless as you have to know where pots are managed to set one up in the first place, and it’s much quicker to go straight there anyway.

Granted, it’s also quicker to go straight to the payments, but in this case (as I’ve more than proven) you don’t know you have to go there and there’s currently nothing leading you to look there.

(Joe Mac Mahon) #360

I agree with the compact view - it’d be great to see one simple summary screen (no scrolling required) with total account balance including pots.

(Sam) #361

Hi team, am loving the pots, especially the coin jar feature!

Just a thought though, how about an option to enter the amount to withdraw? I often transfer slightly odd amounts and end up having to do a £100, then £40, then £5, etc! An option to enter my own amount would be great! :+1:t2:

Keep up the good work!

(Kieran) #362

Tap the number in the middle and enter a custom amount :slight_smile:

(Sam) #363

Thanks! :grin:

(Dan) #364

Hey guys,

I’ve tried to scan the forums for the answer to my question, almost needless to say I couldn’t find the answer. I’m sure this question has been asked before.

I utilise pots quite a lot on a day to day basis. As a result my feed is cluttered with pot transfers and it overwhelms my ‘official’ transactions. Is there a way to hide this type of feed or is it being worked on at the moment?