Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(Ryan Varley) #204

Putting money into savings can feel like a negative experience (because you’re locking away money you earned).

What if you had a distributor pot, that if you gave it a sum of say, £100, it would distribute it out amongst your other pots.

So imagine you want to buy a game for £30, but your ‘Games’ pot is only at £20.

You pay £100 into your ‘Distributor Pot’ and it, in turn, pays that into your various sub-pots:

Mortgage + £50
Holiday + £20
Rainy Day + £20
Games + £10

That way, as you want to buy a game, it requires an investment of a further £100 of your available cash but you get closer to all of your other goals as a result.

The rationale behind using this feature may vary, but being able to distribute your savings in a single action would be really useful.


Now that we have IFTTT integration, I’ve been moving small amounts of money into and out of pots, and this has created a lot of feed items I’m not interested in.

Maybe one of these could be a solution?

  • Aggregate many transactions into one feed item
  • Have an option to hide particular/all pot(s) from the feed
  • Be able to clear pot transactions from the feed

(Tony) #206
  • A brief (sentence) description of the bug
    Not so much a bug, but: When clicking to transfer into (and out of?) a pot, the initial value shows as [-] £50.00 [+], and there have been numerous new topics from new users who are unaware that it is possible to click on the amount to use a custom value. We need some visual cue that the amount is editable.
  • A screenshot
  • Details on how to reproduce
  • OS, device and app version
    All versions!

Squash the bugs!
(Nadia) #207

I want to be able to set up a bills pot and set my dd payments to come out of that one pot!

(Jack) #208

In theory you could set up a rule to move money from a pot the day before bill day at say 11PM :slight_smile:

Keeping money within your main account can help keep your Summary up to date as it doesn’t look like values for pots are taken into account when calculating the left to spend.

(Stephen) #209

We’ve been spoilt recently with the IFTTT integration but because of this, and with the added movement of money between pots, it’s highlighted just how annoying not being able to set your own image on a pot is!

I’m getting so many plain blue squares showing up on my money feed!

(Johnoi Josephs) #210

I alsi echoe this point

(Daniel White) #211

Are Joint Accounts going to have Pots? Would be great to be able to put our Joint expenses into Pots and then use IFTTT to move money out of DD Pots for example.

It’d be good if with the IFTTT integration that instead of being just if I spend money at “place” that if transaction type is “Direct Debit”.

(Matt Jenkinson) #212

I definitely would like to add +1 on having pots as a list, rather than a side scrolling interface.

Also the ability to re-order pots would be amazing.


Latest Android Beta 2.3 has nice little surprise :astonished:

On Payments tab under schedule payments.

(Stephen) #214

Not available on my play store yet - will look forward to putting it through it’s paces!

Glad to hear that Monzo has built this into the app, as well as making it available via IFTTT.

(Ricky Nos) #215

Just as I get to grips with ifttt and set up all my automatic monthly savings to different pots…
Monzo goes and bakes it right into the app!!!
The relentless development is hard to keep up with :grinning: unbelievable effort guys :+1:

Now for the feedback…
Really slick integration, simple and to the point.

I’d love to see the same for withdrawing from pots and also to have it come up on my committed spend in the summary.

If I’ve scheduled a recurring deposit to a pot (monthly in my case) then I think I’m commited to not have that amount available to spend.

Keep up the good work.


Anyone know if Monzo are planning to make it so all pots can be seen easily on one screen? That’s one thing Starling seems to be doing better atm!

(Lewis King) #217

I would love this! I was told the current design was also part of the reason they limit to 10 pots. Bit annoying really!

(Jorge) #218

I think the idea behind pots is help save so by making it difficult or annoying going over the pots it might prevent you from spending the monies. Personally I’d like to see all balances at a glance but I understand the logic behind the current design :stuck_out_tongue:

(Paul) #219

I discovered this today, but utterly disappointed they’ve only added it for moving money into a pot, and not out of a pot.

Come on Monzo! You’ve acknowledged that some people are trying to drip-feed themselves from a large sum (e.g. students from a loan), and you’ve obviously worked out the UI and mechanics of it. Just because you see pots as only a savings vehicle, doesn’t mean your users do.

(John) #220

Ive tried to schedule a transfer from my balance to a pot for tomorrow for £100 but because I only have £50 available today it wont let me. Payday is tomorrow so the funds will be there but I cant schedule it without having the funds available today.

(Adam Robertson) #221

In the meantime, just press that little ‘withdraw’ button.

(Chinedu Umeh) #222

IFTTT is your friend :wink:

(Scott Griffin) #223

I would love it if I could assign specific transactions to a pot - e.g. all Sainsbury’s transactions to come out of my ‘groceries’ pot, or all TfL transactions to come out of my ‘oyster’ pot. Is anything like that being looked at?