Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

I don’t understand this reasoning because we can already upload inappropriate images as receipts or even as a profile picture, which is arguably worse…

Regardless, I should be able to upload whatever picture I want in relation to my bank account and no one else should have access to this. It’s simply none of their business.


Agreed- I can set whatever “Goals” image I want on my Starling app.

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Any way to hide money that’s gone into pots from the main screen

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Might just be me, but it took me so long to find where to even comment on here in the first place :joy::see_no_evil:

I’ve just been speaking to my mum about Monzo, and one of the first things she suggested was that it would be great to assign a charity to receive what’s in your Coin Jar every month - I think this would be great! Doesn’t necessarily have to be the same each month, would anyone else be keen to do this??


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Charity pots have been suggested before, it’s a good idea :+1:

There’s a search icon at the top if you’re looking to find a particular topic, looks like a frying pan

It’s a really popular request! This is one of the threads discussing a charity pot-

And there are lots of (catchy) suggestions for pot names/ features in this thread! Some are really creative, it’s worth the hour you take to scroll through everything :joy:


I would say that has been heard by Monzo and will be coming as they say …soon…

screenshot on my iOS



Thanks for the mention!

Yeah or the option to have my interest (when it arrives) given to a charity (CO OP bank did this when I was there)… or even gifted back to Monzo.

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gifted back to @leah templeman, the name on all the Monzo ads :wink:

I have an account and my wife does as well.
It would be very useful to be able to see each others Pots, or at least the ones we choose to share.
And equally it would be good to pay directly into someone else’s pot.
Not that we don’t trust each other, but it’s an easy way to say “this money is for for X”.

The ability to set up a recurring payment to a pot would be useful. I have a number of things that I need to pay for annually that I prefer to split in to a number of monthly payments. A pot for each of these with an automatic monthly transfer would be ideal.


This will be introduced soon



Two repeats in that scheduled screenshot. Does this mean multiple repeat schedules can be setup per pot?

Not sure, it’s been confusing me. Might be a repeat frequency in the first and the second repeat is the end date or as you suggest with different frequencies

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I think it would be good if you have say a pot called “Rent” and you send a transfer from another bank to Monzo with “Pot Rent” as the reference it would automatically be transfered into that pot?


I’d like to see the custom recurrences for pots (or even the summary start / end date) work something along the lines of Google Calendar. So many different options to get the right rule that a person requires:










I came here to post this. I’d love it if every payment was rounded up to the nearest pound and the excess added to a pot. Like you said it’s a great and easy way to save without thinking about it.

This is currently possible. Simply name a pot ‘Coin Jar’ and it will do what you need.


I’m not entirely sure if that will allow us to upload or if it’s a poor placeholder.

Their reason was around worries with issues related to storing images, but I don’t see why they couldn’t just have around 4 blank placeholders to store custom images locally. Fingers crossed that they do in fact implement it.