Pot to Pot transfers

I think the whole point is that the transactions are in the statements. They’ve never allowed anything to bypass that so I think it’s one of the ‘rules of Monzo’ that they won’t break very quickly or easily.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Monzo statements only show transfers as “Transfer to/from Savings Pot” and not “Transfer to/from Savings Pot A”.

If this is the case, transfers between pots wouldn’t be an issue for current statements since Monzo statements acts as if you only have a single savings pot.

External savings pots with different providers might be an issue though. Although transfers between external savings pots held with the same provider should be an issue because I think Monzo treats those like a single external savings pot with that provider.

I clearly didn’t explain it well. I don’t mind it showing on the statement but the current system means it shows twice. Say I take £50 out of my bills pot and put it in my savings pot. It shows it being withdrawn to my main balance and then again being moved to my savings pit. That’s two actions, so two lines appear showing £50 being moved. If we could do a pot to pot transfer it would only show once.


I voted for this - I had some money in one pot that I wanted to put towards saving for something else which was being tracked in another pot so being able to just transfer from pot A to pot B without having to withdraw to my account and then re-add would be a really nice addition.

Voted for this too, I’m surprised that this isn’t already a feature. I’ve recently set up a number of pots to keep money aside for upcoming things, but also have a ‘piggy bank’ roundup pot. It would be great to move money between pots from this screen by just tapping the card and selecting a different pot?


And from personal account to joint pots and vice versa.

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Voting for Pot to Pot as well. Does not look good on a statement when moving money from one pot to another. And nearly 9 months later and still no update ??

The time doesn’t really make any difference to whether it becomes a priority.

I would like this to happen and as the core app is updated hopefully it will.

This would be a great feature, especially in the case of transferring money out of a savings pot into a general pots.

At present to do this, you need to do the intial transfer then wait until the next working day when the money comes out to do the second to the other pot (or spend time scheduling the second transfer so it happens a few days later). Would be much easier just to do one move.

Is there an update on this? Its been 2 years sence this thread was made.
It would be a great feature to have and I really want to see it implemented.

I would like to be able to transfer money from my round up to my savings pot when i reach my goal instead of having to put it in the main account and then in the savings pot.

No update. The age of the topic doesn’t matter either unfortunately

Oh gosh, please let this be a thing, I’m so grateful I’m not the only one wanting this. I created a Savings pot, one for my Salary and I leave a weekly spend amount in my main account. I’d love to be able to transfer from the Salary to the Savings pot directly without conducting several transfers. If I could vote on this 1000 times I definitely would


I’d definitely be up for this. I’ve started to get into the habit of transferring what I need to cover bills to their various pots, leave a monthly float in my main section and transfer the rest to my savings. Being able to transfer from one pot to another if I miscalculated something would be such an advantage.


Transferring from a pot in a personal account to a pot in a joint account (or vice versa) is very frustrating and requires three separate actions: 1. Transfer from personal pot to personal account 2. transfer from personal account to joint account 3. transfer from joint account to joint account pot.

Please fix this as it makes simple transfers very complex! And also means that a note has to be left on each of those separate money movements to try to help remind me later of the purpose of the convoluted money movements.