Pot Images

(Micky) #23

It wouldn’t be time wasted as the stock images could still be used, even after enabling custom images. Also some people might prefer to just use stock images rather than having to provide their own.

(Nathan) #24

Would custom not be a better idea? that way every user wouldnt have 15+ stock images saved in app ( decreasing overall app size? )

(Micky) #25

Better for some people perhaps but there will be some people that would be happier using stock images rather than having to search the internet for images or upload their own. The size of the image files is really quite negligible compared to the overall size of the app.

They could just leave the images that are there but if we are going to be waiting a year or 2 for custom images it would have been nice to have some extra ones to choose from in the mean time

(Nathan) #26

Fingers crossed this isn’t the case, couldn’t possibly be put of for that long.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #27

The problem is that there are so many features to be added (just look at the forum to see not only the ones they are working on, but also all the suggestions for new features), so unless pot images suddenly get a greater priority I have no doubt they be at the bottom of the pile.

(Nathan) #28

I’m hoping Tony that some beautiful person gives this a crack as part of “Monzo Time” because it is such a small thing but has been requested massively from the users.

(Edward Nigma) #29

I’ve just signed up to Monzo and this is the thing I want the most. Would the ability to upload custom images really be that big of a problem? These generic pictures or blocks of colour don’t really help as visual indicators for pots. Personalization is great but it’s badly lacking here.

(Peter Fettes) #30

I’d like to be able to import my own images for saving pot. Say a picture stored in your phone of that car/motorcycle/destination your saving for…

A side feature within app to store my store cards such as Starbucks/costa virtual gift card. Something unquie no other banking app would have.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #31

You’ll be happy to hear that custom images for pots are coming ::soon:

If you have a search on here you will find some screenshots from Monzos internal testing :wink:

(Jonathan ) #32

Hello all… question… is there a way to add a custom image for a pot rather than the limited pre-selected ones to choose from?


It’s coming soon

(Splodf) #34

I’ve been ‘perusing’ (borrowing) images from the earthporn subreddit. www.reddit.com/r/earthporn (Don’t worry it’s totally safe for work).

I have some awesome images lined up for holiday and rainy day pots and an extra special one for my taxman pot!

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #35

I’m hoping that, once we get to that point, there’ll be a topic where we share all the bestest images.

(Jordan Austin) #36

Is it really though ? I’ve looked for this countless times, don’t get my hopes up lol

I would even settle for what’s suggested above just an increased selection, maybe decided by community votes etc.

(#savetheseabass) #37

Yes it is. The value of soon is unknown but it will be happening


Precisely what i’ve done in my starling business account

(Splodf) #39

Here’s mine

(Gemma kenneally) #40

I would love to select my own images for the pictures used on pots, or to be able to upload them.

(Dan) #41

Great news! It’s coming soon

(MikeF) closed #42

Lets discuss this in the thread linked above.