Pot amount too low for direct debit notification when no direct debit due

Hi Monzo team!
I just received a notification telling me my “Bills” pot amount isn’t enough for a direct debit tomorrow, but when I look into the app, the direct debit is scheduled for next month, which is correct.

The recurrence of the direct debit is set to every two months.

Any chance to fix that?

Monzo version 3.9.0
Phone is a Moto G4, Android v7.0


I’ve moved the post to the bugs section,

If you could add the phone make and model, OS and app version also, as the Dev team do read the bug reports.

Thanks! I updated the post, didn’t include them in the first place as this sounds more like a backend issue.

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My bad I’m an idiot and I wrongly wrote down the direct debit as being every two months. Please disregard!