Possible Bug: 3d secure

I’ve not posted as a bug officially as could not screenshot and not entirely sure what has just happened is in fact a problem or not?
I paid my annual boiler service with Monzo card (as I did last year without problem) in a mobile terminal.
Payment went through and receipt was printed, I did not get instant notification due to being in rear garden for service engineer to gain reception on his card machine.
When engineer left, I opened up Monzo to see if transaction was there, but this is where a strange happening occurred;
I had reception, but no transaction in feed … I forced quit the application and re-started, but this time the number keypad popped up from bottom of screen, with no message or instruction!
I know some have experienced the SCA asking for PIN but I was already in my Monzo account which requires my TouchID to open, so thought this was not SCA.
The only thing I could try was entering my PIN, which I did and instantly the feed was updated with the service engineer transaction.
This most definitely was not the usual 3d secure screen with Asterix asking for authorisation, but sadly did not think to screen shot it.
I’m running iOS 2.63.0 (557) on iPhone 8

That sounds odd, perhaps @Rika could help :)?

I know sometimes if there is an unusual transaction there is a ‘was this you’ feed item and you have to confirm before it goes through

Might be something like that?

Today when I opened the app I was asked for my PIN for the first time, well, ever. I assumed its part of the new security features. It did briefly say that at the top, but then I just had the PIN input box (with a spinning wheel on top, but not properly displaying, I could still type into the pin box displayed behind).

Just to add, there was no feed message OR notification of requiring any input, just the standard iOS number pad pop-up, not even a Monzo PIN request.

This is not 3D Secure, it’s part of new regulation meaning we must periodically ask you to authenticate your use of the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can read a little more about it in this blog post: