Possible Acquirer Outage (29/03/18)

That’s great.

I agree.

I wouldn’t recommend saying this. Instead you could say something like “I’m sorry this has happened / has caused issues for you”, while mentioning the source of the issue.

I appreciate the fact that it’s not possible to eliminate misunderstandings & no one gets it right every time. But I think we can agree that the message matters & that’s really all I’m trying to highlight.

We’re not a blame game kind of company.


I don’t want you to blame anyone. But saying that the issue is with merchant acquirers, as you did this evening, seems reasonable to me.

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The majority of our user base won’t know want a merchant acquirer is and then will feel like we’re shifting the blame.

We are sorry that there is an issue that has affected our customers, and we are sorry for any trouble it has caused.

No matter where the blame lies, we’re providing the service. We take responsibility for the relationship with our customers.


I’m now closing this thread, as I think this discussion has ceased to be valuable. The issue is fixed, so we’re all good :grinning: