Possible Acquirer Outage (29/03/18)

I think we’re basically getting into semantics now.

Ultimately if the ability to use our product is affected, it is de facto our responsibility, regardless of whether this is service problems with us, with Mastercard, with merchant acquirers, whoever, because our customers have a relationship with us, not with anyone else (chosen as a supplier or otherwise).

I understand the point - but if I was talking directly to a customer right now who was unable to pay for their shopping or couldn’t get home (and many of us have been doing exactly that for the last hour or so) then I don’t see any problem at all with saying “I’m incredibly sorry/We can’t apologise enough for the trouble this has caused” - which is the same sentiment used on the status page.

Agreed. I don’t think there’s any continued value from discussing the semantics of responsibility ownership. I’ll update the original post as well as making a reply when there is one to give.