POLL: Xbox Series X or Playstation 5? 🎮

  • Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 5

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Looks like both are set to launch this year.

I’m firmly in the Sony camp, I think they destroyed Microsoft over the past generation with a higher selection of first-party exclusives. And the latest rumour is that it’ll launch with a new Naughty Dog sci-fi IP (I had a feeling that TLoU Part 2 wasn’t the only thing in development!) and be fully backwards compatible with PS4 games.

So, what do you think you’ll get, and why?

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90% likely to get PS5. I feel Sony are more on the consumers side that Microsoft are. Don’t ask me why but it’s just a feeling I get.

Backwards compatibility is a large one for me.

Also knowing most of my friends will also get the ps5 is a plus.

I doubt I’d get one in the first year as I rarely use my PS4 at the moment but we shall see (I’ll try and hold off until a price drop).

Microsoft seem to be of the mindset, highest spec is going to win over the users. But I don’t think that will be the case.

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Now there’s a man who is well prepared.


I’m hoping for some sort of wireless VR headset soon after too.

VR at the moment is a nuisance.

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Not tried it, but the new Doctor Who VR game is tempting me.

PC Master Race

I’m not surprised, considering the crap they got about the Xbox One being under powered compared to the PS4 it makes sense they are going all out this time.

Sony won with hardware but their software is awful.

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I always lean more towards xbox personally. Sure the playstation got more and better exclusives in the current gen. I will probably get the PS5 at some point too, purely for that reason. But the xbox controller and its OS are just far more comfortable to use imo.

Also Miceosoft are the ones who have always made backwards compatibility available, and I love them for that (I like to pick up destroy all humans and play it on my xbox one from time to time :smiley:). Microsoft are also the ones most open to allowing crossplay (currently :eyes:), Sony is coming around to that, but they put up walls against it for a long time and I resent them for that.


I don’t mind which console people play on but tend to feel that this statement is quite inaccurate.

What makes you believe that that’s true? I’m Genuinely interested, not being a d***

Microsoft have a better OS(obviously down to opinion)
Microsoft push Backwards Compat more than anybody
Microsoft push Crossplay more than anybody
Microsoft pushing for players to be able to play their games anywhere on any devices
Microsoft are trying their best to create the best console they can because they admit they failed at the start of current gen.

I know I sound like a fanboy, but just find that apart from exclusives, Sony pretty much suck when taking care of their consumers, just good at marketing.

I genuinely despise Sony for what they’ve done with exclusives over this gen. I genuinely feel that Phil Spencer was telling the truth when he said that Microsoft didn’t want to do exclusives. But now they’ve bullied into it by Sony to compete and are now buying every studio under the sun. Even as an Xbox player, I think that sucks.

Would much rather you could pick what platform to play on.

Anyway rant over, sorry


The thing is, people buy hardware because they want specific software. People bought the PS4 because they wanted to play Uncharted, God of War, Infamous, The Last of Us etc.

I had no skin in the game until E3 2015 happened. I’ve never owned a PlayStation before. But I always said, if Shenmue 3 ever happened then as soon as it was announced I’d buy whatever console it was coming out on. And that ended up being Sony. Yu Suzuki confirmed that Microsoft had the opportunity, and they had the history - Shenmue 2 was also on the original Xbox after Sega pulled the plug on the Dreamcast. But Sony ended up doing whatever was necessary for Shenmue 3 to happen, and for a somewhat niche but fiercely loved IP then that shows a real commitment to gamers IMO.

Completely agree, i buy iPhones because I prefer iOS, like I have a mac because I prefer MacOS. But I still feel like it shouldn’t be a thing. If I was a game developer who put thousands of hours into creating a world for players to enjoy and get immersed in, I’d want that game to be played by as many people as possible regardless of platform.

I just don’t like exclusives, we’re in 2020 now but you still can’t play what you want where you want with who you want, but, I do feel like that is Microsofts vision now, and that’s why I’m probably destined to stick with xbox.

Shenmue 3 is a very good counter to my argument, however, aside from that, what else have they done lately though that’s really “For the players”?

They handled the fallout and tremendous Fail that was Microsofts initial Xbox One announcement perfectly and rode the wave into stealing this generation, but apart from exclusives they’ve got nothing? I’d like to be wrong but that’s the only argument I ever see. Hell CrossPlay us only a thing in some games because they were bullied into it by Epic & Fortnite who literally left them with no choice

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This is quite a tough question both next gen ps5 and Xbox will both have different thing about then both will have exclusive games. I have own both normal get them after they come out weight for the price to go down.

I have all way lent more to the playstion then Xbox.

Not sure I agree with this. They could have easily asked SEGA/RGG to make the whole Yakuza series exclusive, but instead I think they either asked for the games first or perhaps RGG Studio simply develop first for PS4 themselves. Either way, the games are starting to appear on Xbox and other platforms now, although I believe Playstation is really the only place where as of next month when the Yakuza 5 remaster comes out you’ll be able to play the whole chronological series - as well as spin-offs like Judgment, which is an excellent game.

I suppose it depends on what you’re into. I like adventure third-person games like Uncharted, Shenmue, and Japan-centric games like Yakuza. But when I talk to my friends who are Xbox gamers, I’ve noticed they tend to talk about first-person shooters and racing games, neither of which are my preference.

Yh I totally understand that and completely see your point. As for the xbox gamers and what they tend to talk about, you’re definitely right but that is because currently that’s all we have. It does look like Microsoft are changing that lately though with some of the exclusives in development. I also read somewhere about some Japanese game studios that are going to be announced at E3 this year as being acquired and joining Xbox Studios. Guess we’ll have to wait until E3 to see if there’s any truth to that though.

I’m hoping with the relatively recent announcement of Sony’s new relationship with Microsoft to use their cloud architecture for Playstation, we may see a more friendly relationship develop between the two, we can live in hope :slight_smile:


Ultimately PlayStation owners are just a bit cooler and more attractive.


Damn, thats where i was going wrong

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I’m happy with my Switch :woman_shrugging:


Put it on your Tinder profile, guaranteed win.

The Switch is blimmin ace!

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