Poll: If you could only vote for one feature, what would it be?

The ones with minimal/zero votes in this thread are interesting. Shows that lots of things get votes because why not, I don’t want it, I wouldn’t hate having it, so I’ll vote.


I tend to vote for the small random things I wouldn’t use :sweat_smile: I’ve not actually selected anything in this poll yet, I’ll investigate

Right, we have a vote for Samsung pay now, I don’t own a Samsung :face_with_monocle:

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People asking for cheque imagine are just trolling now

Highly unlikely, it’s requested all the time, in various posts.


Now 3 weeks (and 151 votes) in I thought it would be interesting to do another update. In terms of rank positions, no real change at the business end of the table so I’ll just post an updated table below. See earlier post for some observations which remain more or less the same.

I don’t expect there will be many more votes, but I think it would be interesting to re-run this poll in 6 months time so will add a reminder. Fingers crossed one of the ideas will have been implemented by then and it will a different poll!

Edit - As pointed out in next post, “display CVV in app” has now been implemented, so next time will indeed be a different poll!


You can already view CVC in app so you can put a :white_check_mark: next to that suggestion!


Pot to pot transfers would be handy instead of having to transfer it back to my main account first - any idea if there are plans to implement this?

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No plans. We rarely get told what they’re planning on building these days.

Every suggestion is welcomed and they say that they’d like to do it, but where it sits on the list with everything else is the unknown.

Aw that’s a shame, would be cool if they were more transparent in this regard

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