Point bank

Has anyone seen this?


Randomly saw it on twitter and it looks pretty interesting. 2x points on travel & dining but yet a debit card.

I’ve only take a very quick look at it but it seems like everyday there is someone new trying to get into this space!

That is a hideous debit card

It’s a bit expensive, America has much cheaper options than this


This is what I first saw on twitter and I was like wtf, ew. But still had to check it out :joy:

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Good idea but the card looks hideous and the app design doesn’t look great

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The card does look like something you’d be given at a day spa so you don’t need to pay whilst around the building to total up your spend.

“Point Break” is what the spa would be called.

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I was thinking museum gift shop

The plain ones are nice though

The fees on the right are a comparison to Chase. The ones on the left are Point Bank.

That website, those cards and that app is beautiful

Yeah they only compare them with Chase or Wells Fargo. Makes it look like there are no other alternatives, like Chime

Ah, alright, I misunderstood what you meant the first time around (thought you meant Point Bank was charging high fees).

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They seem to have launched today as a paid-only option. Can’t find info about their fees easily, but I like their card and app design. I wish the UK had something similar (visually at least)

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