Podcast recommendations

Dogg Catcher is my favourite podcast app - loads of customisation.

As for podcasts if you’re into film the Kermode and Mayo Film Review and Empire podcast are great.


Limetown, if you fancy something mysterious :slight_smile:

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I must be one of the few that thinks My dad wrote a porno is dire

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Some great recommendations above! Can confirm “No Such Thing as a Fish” and “My Dad Wrote a Porno” are fabulous.

  • This American Life is a really interesting podcast telling stories about everyday life.
  • Death, Sex and Money - A podcast looking at these taboos subjects with normal people and their stories or “celebrities”. The celebs are sometimes super American-centric but good anyway.
  • All Killa No Filla - Two British Comedians tell the story of a serial killer each episode. They get distracted and talk about their own lives a lot and they are incredibly funny.
  • Evil Genius - Russell Kane and a panel of guests discuss old celebrity legends and decide if they were evil or genius. Interesting and funny!

A limited run podcasts well worth a listen:

  • The Butterfly Effect - Jon Ronson investigates all the little things caused by porn becoming available online for free. From how it affects younger peoples first understanding of sex to how it can affect the performers themselves.
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I listen to a lot of podcasts. Here’s a quick selection of podcasts that I listen to every week (or as soon as they bother to release!!):

Finance / Econ

  • Behind the Money (FT)
  • Conversations with Tyler
  • Alphachat (FT)
  • Money Show (FT)
  • Invest like the best
  • Masters in Business
  • Odd Lots
  • Investors Chronicle: Companies and Markets

Tech / Sport / Culture

  • a16z
  • Tech Tonic (FT)
  • Exponent
  • Against the Rules (new: Michael Lewis, excellent thus far)
  • Babbage
  • Making Sense
  • Moral Maze
  • Everything Else (FT)
  • Revisionist History
  • The Totally Football Show
  • This American Life

Finally, special mentions to these one-offs: Our Man in the Middle East (BBC) by Jeremy Bowen on his time in the Middle East; The Public Philosopher with the brilliant Michael Sandel (BBC again, though occasionally comes back); and Presidential, which is an overview of every American president from the Washington Post.

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I quite enjoyed ‘Endless Thread’ https://www.wbur.org/endlessthread

Well produced explorations of popular Reddit threads/stories.

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Theres been some excellent suggestions here guys. Thank you all. My last couple of commutes have been a lot more interesting!