Podcast recommendations

My commute has recently doubled in length and I’ve exhausted all the podcasts I had stored up ready to listen.

Does anyone have any recommendations for new podcasts? Specifically looking to find something that’s not true crime/American police stitch someone up style podcasts like Serial/In the Dark. I think I’ve done most of them!

I’m also looking for the best Android podcast app. I’m relatively new to podcasts and have been using the Google podcast app but there’s definite room for improvement on that.

Grateful for any help. Cheers all!

In terms of app, Pocket Casts is definitely THE choice on Android. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

I’m also a big fan of Exponent, which is very informative and thoughtful podcast on the strategy of the tech industry and its social effects.


Massive +1 for Pocket Casts. I’ve tried so many apps and this one ticks almost all the boxes for me.

Some of the best I’m listening to:

  • My Dad Wrote A Porno
  • Slow Burn (this is one of the best)
  • The Tip Off
  • Unwell

Pocket Casts also has a decent search/discovery section to find other new podcasts. Well worth the money


Depends what you are into really I guess…my current faves are…

Ear Hustle (Life inside San Quentin prison…really interesting!)
Richard Herring (RHLSTP)- interviews with comics etc
Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster- food based podcast
Gossipmongers- hilarious, but a little rude
Adam Buxton- interviews with media personalities
Angelos and Barry- Derek and Clive style chats

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If you’re a music fan you might like Song Exploder

Basically artists break down their tracks to the various instruments used, where the inspiration came from and what they were trying to achieve, they’re all in short bursts (15-20 minutes) and offer some real insight into the thinking and methodology behind putting together a song.


Seconded for Song Exploder.

I regularly listen to:

  • 99% Invisible - discusses everyday design and is never NOT interesting.
  • No Such Thing As A Fish (the QI elves, hilarious!)
  • Everything is Alive - quirky one, interviews with inanimate objects given life (chair, balloon, etc)
  • Hidden brain - stories that uncover how human behaviour shapes our choices

Also occasionally listen to

  • Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip - free wheeling interview (like Adam Buxton, already mentioned)
  • Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell who is always interesting
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I’ll second this! Brilliant podcast.

James O’Briens Joe podcas - Unfiltered (now sadly ended) was also a really good listen, even the guests that seemed fairly dull ended up having great stories.


I listen to the following regularly:

Hello Internet - Two dudes talking style podcast with a pair of popular Eduction YouTubers, CGPGrey and Brady Haran

Cortex - Similar to above with CGPGrey and Myke Hurley, with the two talking about Podcasting, running small businesses etc

Under the Radar - Two iOS developers talking about their experiences in the ecosystem, developing apps people want to use, and the business side of apps


Forgot about Should This Exist with the wonderful Caterina Fake.

Every episode looks at a technology and its impact on humanity.

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Bonus - if you are a West Wing fan, Hrishikesh hosts the wonderful West Wing Weekly which discusses each episode as he and co-host Joshua Malina (who appears in later seasons of the show) re-watch them.

Bartlett for President!!


They walk among us. A 30min podcast talking about some of the worst and most violent crimes in history, giving full backgrounds, step by step accounts of what happened and what happened after


Talking Politics, presented by David Runicman, professor of political science at Cambridge, really gets under the skin on the big issues.

Totally football show, James Richardson and gang at their best

The Vergecast - the Verge in podcast form

FinTech Insider from 11:FS, super podcast that really informs about the state of the FinTech industry

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I love The Dollop - it’s a comedy american history podcast that delve into little bits of american history that you may not have heard of. Absolutely hilarious and you learn as well :slight_smile:

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I think Elis James and John Robin’s podcast is excellent too. Sadly now finished as they have left Radio X, but will be resurrected on BBC 5 Live v.soon.

The community they have build is very much like this one…very inclusive, non judgemental and supportive. I would go so far as to say they have helped me through some serious times of ‘darkness’ over the years.

PS. Are you on email? (niche reference…just in case there are some PCD’s here…)

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No idea if it’s your cup of tea, but my commute has been binging The Adventure Zone lately, it’s a podcast of the McElroy brothers dragging their dad into playing Dungeons and Dragons with them.


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How has no-one yet mentioned the Tri-Force Podcast yet. Y’all need jugging.

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The what? What’s it about? Why should we listen, sell me on it! :smiley:

And what’s jugging? Sounds… weird… :wink:

Two dads and a boy talking about video games, politics and general life shit and sometimes some short stories too (bodega). :slight_smile:

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One I am really enjoying at the moment is The Political Party by Matt Forde. A comedian and political nerd interviews/talks to people involved in politics. Getting some big hitters on there, had George Osbourne a couple of episodes back, and it was really really good.

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Gotta be the Joe Rogan Podcast for me - great if you like MMA/ Combat Sports but he also has some really interesting guests (Neil deGrasse Tyson/ Louis Theroux/ Elon Musk)