Pocket Casts UI Redesign

Anyone here have any thoughts on this?

Also… a lesson on how not to do social media.

I’ve been on the redesign since the beta first came out

I initially had the same reaction but have since come round almost entirely, the only thing missing for me is some bulk tools

People are absolutely throwing their toys out of the pram on this

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This is true for pretty much every redesign of every product ever. Part of being successful when building products is knowing your users are hypersensitive to change and being able to sort the valuable feedback from the reactionary complaints… and you have to make sure not to call your users idiots (even if you think they’re being idiots). I guess Pocket Casts forgot about the last part.

The problem with users is that they’re focused on their individual experience of the product, and they often do not understand (or do not care) that the company is focused on the experience of the majority of actual and potential users. As users we have to accept that while we may be in the target market of a product today, we may not be in the target market tomorrow.

I’ve been really happy with the redesign as I felt like the old UI was getting a bit long in the tooth.

I particularly like the up next queue and how easy it is to add items to it and reorder. I used to make heavy use of the autoplaylists but I actually would find them redundant now. Guess I’m using it right! Haha.

Edit: guessing I’m on the beta channel as I’ve had the update for a while now.

Only one podcast app for me on iOS and that’s iCatcher! If ever I move to Android this app will be sorely missed.

This podcast app was always one I lined up if I did transfer over.

I’ve used doggcatcher for years. I love it’s customisation options and can organise the exact way which seems to make most sense to me. 5 oldest unlistened per feed, oldest to newest, grouped in the feed order I set. I couldn’t figure out how to set other apps this way when i tried them

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