Plus Codes / what3words

Google have recently created Plus Codes, a Post Code-esque way to pinpoint where you are on Google Maps (down to 3 meters). The format is a 4 character area code, and 7 character local code.

Meanwhile, what3words has been around for a while but lacks fame. The format is simply 3 words: daring.lion.race and can be translated for non-english (though I’m not sure if it is direct translation). It is also accurate to 3 meters.

Think either of these could pick up in the future?

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I’m missing something here, the point of these is what?

Two uses:

  • In places that do not have a standard address scheme (poorer countries), these are easy to implement
  • A replacement for your normal long address, where a typo or bad writing can lead to errors, not necessarily easy to remember, and may not standardize to a map (think of the times when people say don’t use the postcode for the satnav)

Ahh, now I get it.

The first example I can see it’s use, the second not so much.

Unless the 3 random words were rude or innuendo based, then I would be all over it in a second

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IIRC what3words was designed to pinpoint locations in remote areas so that homes could be found.

Imagine making a delivery in the UK to remote locations where the post code could cover a huge area with only a few scattered homes. If you could easily locate the exact address with 3 words (which are easier to remember than strings of numbers) typed into the compatible sat nav you could find the address without the need to follow directions like ‘take the second left after the green bin, go for 2 miles, then turn right.’

As far as I know no one uses it.

Plus code might be getting some sort of official announcement now but I am these have been on Google Maps for some time now. I have used these in countries with no proper addresses/postcode system they are short compared to coordinates and easy to share.