Plum Savings integration

Oh I’d not realised they were FCA regulated last time I looked last year there weren’t, I may check them out again now I know that

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I’ve downloaded the app and set it up, what I don’t like if the Money Lost feature showing on the main tab in red under my current account it claims EON could be overcharging me and it could get me a cheaper deal.

So I click on the link to have a look and it does me a comparison against Octopus saying my monthly payment would be x amount, it’s based this on pulling a magical figure out of thin air. There’s nowhere within that calculation to tell it what deal I’m on right now and what my actual usage is, it’s guessing usage through my fixed payment to EON.

Can’t see anyway to switch that off from the main page as it’s rather annoying to see, they have a full tab where there curated deals are for customers so no need to be annoying and put it on the main page an all.

Other than that app seems fine I’ll see what it does in a few days when it takes the 1st payment

Yeah tbh I the ‘lost money’ and ‘invite’ tabs are redundant to me, but never really an issue as the app just works in the background for me. Thinking about it I’m surprised “invite” gets so much real estate when they have other features like premium versions with investments that would be better placed there. I’m hoping that the updates above will bring a facelift to the app so that it gives me a reason to use it more other than to check my autosave balance now and again. Overall, happy with it since inception and looking forward to the Openbanking multi-account money dashboard play.

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Multiple bank accounts and 0.6% fixed interest in savings are now available

I’m guessing this is in iOS?

Really? It’s not showing in my app and I’m on iOS.

Edit: cool, had to update app first but don’t see the interest part?

Try going into Savings and create a new pocket

Free tier will be 0.35% interest.

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