PlayStation 5

You’ve gone for the disc version, I want the digital one :pensive: Which is now showing OOS.

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The preorder struggle:

Curry’s is back for both versions:

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Well I got further than I did with AO… Added it to my basket, went through the shipping step, got to payment, then recieved an error that pre-order is no longer available and my cart is now empty.

FML :pensive:

The top comments on the HotUKDeals PS5 mega thread are slating someone who bought two for ebay

Then bizarrely there are some people complaining that NHS staff should have been given priority :thinking:

The NHS comment has to be a wind up :rofl:

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Here is another funny… 26 bids too! (fake ones likely)

:joy:I wish I had the dough for one!

Think Argos are opening their pre-orders up tomorrow, might be worth giving them a shot ?

Yeah I’m holding out for them with the hope of click and collect so I can just go down on the day instead of waiting for the postman? :man_shrugging:

I also read that Amazon will restock regularly so will keep refreshing :crossed_fingers:

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Been doing the IFTTT weekly savings challenge all year. Without that I wouldn’t have been able to

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I’m using a credit card so I don’t have the money either :sweat_smile:

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Out of interest, because I do intend on buying one… What’s the rationale for pre-ordering?

Is it that there’s a launch game you want to play right away, or a concern that stock might be limited for a while?

For me, I’m not feeling the need to pre-order because there aren’t any launch titles that are blowing me away.

Plus, I have enough PS4 titles left on my list to see me through until early next year - need to finish Ghost of Tsushima, which has turned out to be much bigger game than I imagined, then I’ve got Streets of Rage 4, then Yakuza: Like A Dragon coming out in November.

I imagine I’ll most likely end up picking one up in January or so.


I want it for Christmas and there’s normally a new console shortage at Christmas. Rumours already that they’ll be in short supply and I read earlier this week that they have 4 million less chips than they planned. So super shortage


Makes sense!

Ebuyer is the next merchant that has listed these. Be warned, their website is super slow as a result!

Managed to get one in my basket on Ebuyer but their delivery options on a pre-order are confusing so I’m hesitant :confused:

I’m guessing they aren’t used to preorders. Didn’t update it using 19th nov as start date

Yeah probably. I clicked to place the order on the theory that I’ll question it with customer services afterwards but I’m now stuck in the dreaded server error loop.

At this stage you should probably get the Xbox

Fate can only intervene so many times before you really should get the hint