Pixelated Logos

(Alex Sherwood) #1

The logos of merchants in the transactions feed & on the transaction entries pages are quite pixelated (though they’re better for the latter).

I’ve only just noticed this so I’m not sure whether it’s a recent issue or if it’s not that noticeable but either way, hopefully this can be addressed at some point.

(Rika Raybould) #2

Previously noted over in the big issues thread.

It’s been a very minorly irritating issue for the entire time I’ve been using the app and I’m still confused as to why it does this considering all the great, fast image scaling methods iOS has that are high DPI aware.


It’s because the images are of very high resolution. iOS won’t be able to properly bring down that image to a very small size. It’s annoying, but that’s the reason why developers have to submit different sized versions of the icons instead of just a single large one. And also the logos having clear lines doesn’t help either.

(Rika Raybould) #4

That’s more to give control to designers, they can have an icon that looks very subtly different in the small settings app size verses the large App Store size or to provide more detail in a retina icon. In theory, it also allows you to use techniques such as app slicing to only deliver the required assets to a particular device.

As for business icons here, there seems to be little wrong with most of the images as they are delivered via. the API as far as I can tell. It’s something in the client app that’s optimising for sharpness of straight lines and isn’t being HiDPI aware (I can see clear signs of pixel doubling for example).

(Josh) #5

This is something we’re aiming to improve in future updates by changing how we scale down images in the iOS app, you should see some improvements within the app soon.