Pingit Feedback

Seems Barclays is getting inspired by Their most innovative service Pingit can now be used just as

If you have Pingit App you can create your own URL

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Hmm, very interesting, thanks for sharing. I wonder if I should start using this for bills to reduce the cost on Monzo :laughing:

They have following limits;

You can use a UK debit card to send up to £150 to each Pingit page.
Over a 7-day period, you can pay up to £400 and/or make up to 4 separate payments to a Pingit page.

Wonder if we’re beginning to witness Barclays’ foray into transferring their consumer business over to a more fintech footing?

Pingit, which was a Paym platform now comes with Pots, payment wearables (inherited from now–defunct bPay) but also a fully–formed Visa debit card, which debits from a configured Pot. Pots can be auto–topped up, which means you could use one as a TfL travel account instead of Oyster.

The interesting thing is Pots come with their own account numbers and sort codes. Not too far a leap to see Barclays marketing Pingit as a stand-alone banking brand in the not–too distant future, like Bó from RBS?

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I’ve got it with a contactless band. It’s incredibly simple to use. Create pots and switch which pot the band points to on the fly. I think Monzo is crying out for this functionality being able to spend directly from a pot.

If there’s an account number and sort code behind them, does that mean I can setup a direct debit to it?

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Depends. Do you know what sort code they’re using? Might be more like a prepaid card that doesn’t support that

Yea it tells you the sort code and account number in the settings of each pot. I’ve got a couple and they all look like unique ones

Check what it says here to begin with then. A fun link for quiet nights in


Looks like no direct debits.

On another note, I really don’t like the fact that the National Lottery is embedded in the app with what is effectively an auto bet toggle.