Pin Reminder Bug/Selfie Video Bug - iPhone X

Hi Monzo,

Figured I’d add my card to Apple Pay, but it seemed to stall after I inputted my PIN number.

Feeling that I may be entering the wrong PIN, I went to the reset PIN screen - Took a photo of my drivers licence, which was fine.

But the selfie video wouldn’t record any sound (certainly not on play back), and the layout was overlapped - See image.

Anyone advise what to do next?


Hi @nickh :wave:

Sorry to hear that there has been an issue :disappointed:

So we can look into this, would you be okay to give us a message through the in app chat?


Sure thing - I’ll do that now :slight_smile:

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Hi @HughWells

Managed to sort the pin recovery side of things.

However, I’ve noticed quote a few UI bugs on the iPhone X - Not sure if these new known issues - Most stem from the tabs bar at the bottom being overlayed (like in the image above).

I’m afraid this is a known issue with iOS - engineers are aware but I don’t think a fix is yet available for the libraries from Apple

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