Pic 'N Mix Account

I like the idea of upgrading my account to include include insurance and other features but I currently have a Barclays account which bundles RAC cover in with travel insurance and a few other bits which are less useful. No car cover is preventing me from upgrading my Monzo account so the question is, why doesn’t Monzo offer a Pic 'N Mix approach to addons for upgraded accounts? It seems a logical approach to attracting customers to upgrade accounts or switch to Monzo.

Because they want to keep it cheap, presumably. And because when they tried it before, they had to abandon it because it was too confusing.


Confusing? Like choosing a 3 course meal from a menu?

Yes, confusing.

This suggestion was last discussed in October. The reason Monzo won’t give a pick’n’mix option is recapped there:

Monzo have already done the market research on what you’ve just suggested, and users found it all too confusing.


The idea is great but like already mentioned, it just ain’t gonna happen.

I was always expecting pic and mix aswell, shame.