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I am in the process of signing up to Monzo for some travel I am doing in a little while (2 two weeks). While I am away I will have both personal and business expenses, so I registered for 2 Monzo cards using the +1 trick to generate different addresses for the same gmail account (

The problem I now face is that part of the sign up process sends you a text message with verification code. On sending the code for the second account the app complains that the number is already registered. Well that is no good for me and also why do you care? I could change my phone number tomorrow with no impact to you at all as long as I install the app on my new phone.

Please help me get past this.


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That sounds like a security setting, albeit a slightly inflexible one. Edited following Dave’s post below.

I’m afraid users in this community won’t be able to resolve this for you so you’ll need to contact the support team, by emailing or sending a DM on Twitter.

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Sounds like he’s trying to have two accounts, which is against T&Cs isn’t it?

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I missed that :grimacing: Yes it is, aside from anything else, that would enable user’s to bypass the spending limits.

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The Monzo app enables you to categorise your transactions as either Expenses or Holiday so that you can easily claim your expenses back so this shouldn’t be necessary.

Even without the phone number validation, the double registration would have been picked up by Monzo’s KYC checks..

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Nice to see somewhere a contact hence the q here in the forums

That is not widely advertised - it probably should be - a pre paid card is exactly that a pre paid card, its my money i should be able to hold it on 30 Monzo cards if I want

Not per card it wouldn’t

That negates the point of it being prepaid - ie the company can put their money on my business card, so that I don’t have to stump it up first.

Again why should they care?

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No problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification

That’s the purpose of a corporate expense card. If that’s what you need, a provider like Barclays may be able to give you what you need what you need.

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen one of the team say that this is a limitation that’s imposed by Wirecard. Unfortunately I can’t find that post :see_no_evil:

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Hi Gordon!

Thanks for your interest in Monzo.

As other forum users have mentioned, having multiple accounts is not permitted with our service. If you’d like to have multiple prepaid cards, it might be worth having one of our cards for your personal spending, and another card with a similar company offering a similar app-based service. There are companies like Tide who offer a card specifically for business purposes.

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@alexs, Thanx for your reply - I get your point about a corporate expense card, but with out boring you with the detail, I am trying to come up with a solution because the company is too closed minded to have such a thing!

@simonb, Thank you also for your reply - Whilst I am clear now on the policy, I still do not understand its value proposition. What is the value on limiting how many prepaid cards I can have with your service? Perhaps a question for a policy retrospective (if you have such a thing). Note I chose Monzo because of your good reputation and forward thinking - I will check out Tide next.


I think one of the reasons this limit exists is because of the ATM charges Monzo is currently paying - they’re actually operating at a loss at the moment so it makes sense for them to limit the losses (with more than one card you have double the limits so you can potentially cause Monzo twice as much).

I would recommend against Tide. Their app is awful. While it’s not a business account I would recommend Starling - it’s the closest you can find to Monzo at the moment. We have a Starling passes thread somewhere around here, just get yourself one and open an account with them.

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(Alex Sherwood) #11

In case anyone else is interested, I checked this with Daniel yesterday evening & to paraphrase what he told me, the restriction of 1 card per account is in place because of the way that the limits are managed. Once the current accounts are rolled out, Monzo will be able to remove this limit but they haven’t done so yet.

Two cards for one user