Phone nostalgia

When I was younger, I had my eye on a Motorola Razar V3, it was shiny and new at the time, when I got it. it wasn’t that good

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My first phone, the Phillips Savvy…


This little fella was my first mobile phone. Came with two batteries, a slimline one and a high capacity one.

I remember using it to call in sick from a campsite in the south of France.


I really liked the early nokias… They kinda lost their way as phones became closer to computers (via PDAs). I liked my N95 but by that time shoving more and more functionality into Symbian was starting to make it unusable. That was my last nokia…

I owned a razr at one point. Loved that it was so small and just fitted into a back pocket.

Sony erricson P800… my first fullscreen phone with a proper browser (Opera!). Suffered from being 2G only which made browsing, um, ‘fun’ (a problem that afflicted the first iphone, 5 years later).

Then onto the T mobile G1 and the smartphone upgrade treadmill…

My first phone was the Nokia 3200. It had interchangeable covers (or you could print your own).

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I had that phone too :smiley: along with the Nokia 3210 which needs no image as it’s a classic:

Also these:

Nokia 7110 with the innovative roll wheel:


And the Samsung d500 where I can still hear the slide sound in my head.


The matrix phone :heart:

Then I had this:


There were some weird ones.

And then really loved this:


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Nokia, not Samsung :slight_smile:

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My first UK phone circa 2000s - the Nokia


Need to re add and wait til they upload.

Anyone remember " bluejacking " ?

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The 7110 (which I had) wasn’t the matrix phone. That was the 8110 which was slightly slimmer but slightly longer & curved more too - and black rather than the 7110’s dark olive colour. Both great phones.

Anyone use the ‘portable mobile phones?’ The ones which were basically a car battery with a carrying handle, a handset connected to it via a cord and a retractable aerial? I used one quite a bit in 1989-1990 - can’t remember the brand - and thought it was amazingly convenient at the time. Who’d have thought it!

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I dont know why I wrote that :see_no_evil: edited!


Had quite a few of the Nokia phones in this thread!

But before the Android and iOS era started, I was absolutely besotted with my Sidekicks.

I had the Sidekick 3 and the Sidekick Slide and these had many of the features that are now defaults on all smartphones, including:

  • an App Store
  • an always on data connection
  • push email
  • full cloud backup
  • native level instant messenger support

The co-founder of Danger, Inc (who created the Sidekick) went on to found Android, and many of the folks from Danger would join him, including design lead Matias Duarte who is responsible for how Android looks today.


I really loved my Motorola defy - my first ever smartphone. That thing was legit indestructible. I once dropped it from a third storey balcony onto a concrete floor. Slight scuff on one corner, otherwise fine. My friend once dropped an iPhone one foot onto a thick rug and it shattered.

I can’t name any of my specific earlier phones but I also had a Sony Erickson Walkman slider, which had the Sims on it, another slider I can’t remember, some clamshell thing with a cool purple and white case and some very early nokias, one of which was the kind where you could buy spare sets of keys and cases in Woolies and swap them out.

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MrsW had 2 Motorola PEBL’s - one pink and one black. She still holds the pink one in high regard as the best phone she ever used. I can’t argue with the design (classic/flawless) but as far as I’m concerned, they were both the same thing and so black was the winner #AlphaMaleDesignOpinion

Can I even publish the above without crossing a line somewhere?

Google Photos just showed me these photos I took in 2015 of my first phone + my first iPhone (and then the Lumia 930 I was using before I decided Windows Phone was never gonna happen) :pleading_face:

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I had (and loved) that phone! I had it for many, many years as a second phone, too.

Was that Windows Phone 8.1 or 10? With WP8 I still had hope but as soon as 10 was announced I knew it was over

I wish I still had mine, no idea where it’s gone :disappointed:

It launched with 8 or 8.1 and then I made the mistake of installing 10 and it was insanely buggy (looking at that photo I think I managed to downgrade, I remember Windows 10 Mobile having a different lock screen). I loved 7 → 8.1, such a shame how it all turned out.