Phone doesn't lock if current account app is left open

(Matt Triggs) #1

As title. If I have the current account app open and then leave my phone alone, it doesn’t auto-lock after a given period of time. Seems to be iOS only.

(Bob) #2

What iPhone are you using? What version iOS?

Doesn’t happen with my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 10.3.2. Have you upgraded to 10.3.3?

(Matt Triggs) #3

iPhone 6s running 10.3.3. This is just with the current account app.


Works fine on my 7+, screen locks after a minute. Have you tried turning it off and on again just to make sure there’s nothing odd going on?


Same here it locks on my 7+, I too am on 10.3.3

(Terry) #6

I believe there is an iOS setting which you can change the auto lockout period. Maybe this has been switched off?

(Tom ) #7

Have just tested this. iOS 10.3.3 - my phone locks as normal after 2 minutes.

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