Phone contacts in Monzo bug

“Phone contacts on Monzo” Disappear, if you click into one, and then go back

Go onto the payments section, Click, “ Pay someone” And scroll all the way down
iOS 17.3
iPhone 15 pro max

That section there, Has five people in it usually however, if I click on a person and then go back to the list, then that person I clicked on disappears. I have to restart the app to get them back

As an amendment to this, They seem to go into the “all” section, However, they then disappear from that section and go back to the phone contacts on Monzo section when I restart the app. It’s definitely bugged

Took me a while to replicate this bug because Monzo’s been down for me for the last hour, and only just started working again.

But yes, this happens to me too! Only have the one phone contact apparently though! Not sure how it determines who is a phone contact or not. Everyone else is shown under all, and those ones are still there when I go back to that page.

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‘Phone number’ has to be on in your Monzo app settings and the other Monzo user has to have your phone number in their phone contacts. They then see you as a Monzo contact in their Monzo app.

Settings → Privacy and security → Profile privacy → Phone number (on/off):

Given the recent 1/2/3 character guessed-account-with-random-small-payments, followed by ‘auto-account-closures’, I’ve disabled these.

I still have a small list of Monzo contacts where they obviously have ‘Phone number’ set to ON and my phone number is in their phone’s contacts. Because the ‘Phone number’ setting in my Monzo app is OFF, they can’t see me in their Monzo app, but I can see them in mine.

But as far as disappearing/reappearing Monzo contacts, this does sound like a bug. However, I can’t reproduce it on Android so it may be specific to iOS.