Personal Domains/Websites

@anon72173902 You are making perfect sense, it’s the circuitous responses making me lol

@AdamH What is being asked is: Why have you left your old domain to wither and point to a blank page, rather than point it directly to your new site at ? How many visitors using your old domain are unable to find your new one?

Because i add the domain on mannual and started it from scratch thats why and forget to remove old one :smiley:

Done fixed it :slight_smile: foward to it

Got there in the end :joy_cat:

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Does anyone know how to get the thing that follows the mouse on here

Just think it’s really neat and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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It might be a interactive moving background plugin available with jQuery, I’ve seen people put up constellation backgrounds that react with your mouse movements. Don’t know where you could buy that specific one though, they might have it designed just for the site

It’s here too though

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Go crazy Danny :slight_smile: