Personal Domains/Websites

Cheers… just fixed it.

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Are the questions real questions and where did you get them from? Just asking as I know someone that might do this test thing.

Also I am lazy, if you answer correct can the next question not show automatically?

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I passed!

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Unlucky… you can stay.

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There is a mix. I created the site when my wife was taking the test, some questions are the ones she actually remembered from the test, some are hard ones I set for her as homework to help her learn, some have been submitted via the site and others have been found on various Facebook groups and forums.

Possibly, I’ll have a look at the settings on the plugin.

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Just a blog about music and other favourite stuff. Friends only at the moment, but if you’re clicking from a mobile phone you’re missing out :wink:

And my personal link shortener also links there: :sunglasses:

I had a URL shortener via but dropped is as I decided to use it as a main domain

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Isn’t that the same as

Old site deleted :slight_smile:

No redirect?

Its with out www is the site

same thing with or without www still goes to

Hmm wrong domain its

Noooo what I meant was the domain you closed off are you not going to point it to the new one? point to

And no does not point to Basingstoke103
Think you got mixed up goes to website

Ok so I go to I see a dead site how do i know you have changed it now?

Old one dead yes now

:joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: at this conversation

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:joy: I know what I am saying, do you?

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