Percentage of Spend Round Ups

As well as “to the nearest £ round ups”, could Monzo add a % round up?

That is, one can set a % on top of the purchase price that goes automatically into their savings pot, like a tip.

I just moved back to the UK from Canada/US where I was used to tipping 15-20% for basically everything. Now that I’m back in the UK, it would be cool to transfer that tip that I feel I should be adding to the bill into my savings.

This idea would also be a convenient way for people who want to save 10-20% of their salary.

There’d need to be an upper limit. For those times when someone buys a car, but forgets that an extra 15% is going into a pot.


This is a great idea, but as Anarchist said:

There will have to be a limit to stop this happening.

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