Percentage in Left to Spend Notifications

It would be amazing if the “left to spend” on a certain category section in each spendings notification would not only include the quantitative amount but also a percentage so that one could easily know that for example half-way into the month you would want to aim to be at 50% remaining etc.

This becomes especially relevant to me because I, like probably many others, set budgets on many different categories and don’t necessarily know the limit I set on every category at all times. Seeing I have £50 left for something without any relative presentation alongside that therefore only is helpful in a limited way.

There is a visual representation exactly the same as the left to spend bar. Indicating how much you have spent of the bar, and a notch to show distance left through the month…

Yes I’m aware of this, I think it would be even more amazing though if that information could be presented right in the spending notifications you receive in form of a percentage