People Powered like Giffgaff used to be

Giffgaff used to be an excellent Community based environment but less these days. Monzo should follow some of its past innovations. Thoughts?

Any examples of what the innovations were/are?

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Community based help and utilising member connections etc

Such as?
I’m not familiar with the Giffgaff community but definitely love the ‘people powered’ aspect of Monzo. What did they do at Giffgaff?

I’m not sure you’re giving much information about the examples.

The Monzo community already help people that have questions, but not sure what you mean about “utilising member connections”.

We don’t have experience on the GifGaf forum, so putting “etc” at the end isn’t going to help your convincing argument to make this forum more people powered.


We are connected because of and similarly moderated. Location would allow member marketplace and sharing such as physical help eg I’ve broke down. No real constraints.

So if it used to be an excellent community and now it is not why would you want the Monzo community to follow a route that has lead the GiffGaff community to something that is not excellent?

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Think we should create a Think Tank ref this. Monzo may help in exploring as they know technical enablers that could be used.

Giffgaff lost focus

Create what?

Personally, I’d prefer my bank to stay a bank and continue to focus on things they can do with my money to improve my banking, or similarly make my life easier financially.

I don’t need my bank to build tools to enable me to chat to contacts, or people I know to get help. As if I was in a scenario that required that, I’d probably contact them directly via messaging instead of opening my Bank App first.

Don’t forget that in most cases, people that you have on Monzo that you send money to have to already be in your contacts. as a concept is just the ability to request money from someone, you ultimateley have to send that link to someone to get help - so wouldn’t solve any problems as that link would need to be sent in the first place?


Not gonna lie but Monzo aren’t exactly the best at finishing products so us adding to them won’t help.



I still don’t understand what you’re wanting Monzo to be like :man_shrugging:

I’ve no experience or knowledge of the Giffgaff community :alien:


I used to use it years and years ago.
They had practically no customer service - the product was relatively simple and robust enough that problems didn’t regularly occur. In circumstances where you couldn’t resolve it there was a message agent option but it was discouraged for most queries.

The forum was front line support - active forum users were paid to answer the queries. I got 180 quid in 6 months for it. The more you replied (helpfully) the more they would give you. Can’t imagine they do that now.

O2 though has gone generally downhill though and I don’t think I would consider using them or one of their MVNOs again

Ahhh, I can see how it works for something simple but perhaps it’s a bit dangerous for a bank :scream:

“Hello, for me to help can you provide me with your card number and lastly for security I just need your PIN”.



I agree - for a bank I don’t think it would work unless it was solely for app usage queries.

With giffgaff it was generally queries about setting things up or changing network settings so it wasn’t ever dealing with customer information.

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I’m ancient enough to vaguely remember the Giffgaff community so I understand what the OP is talking about.

It was basically similar to this community forum but there were power users who functioned kind of like cOps, so it felt like a support hub. Coral crew kind of do this but on that community it seemed like a final answer rather than a “maybe you should contact support?” kind of answer.

I get why that might be something that the OP would see as superior to this format where you have mostly end users chatting about random things or asking questions and not getting much authority in the answers.

I do think there is a reason why their community went downhill though and it could be a very bad idea for Monzo to copy it, especially in these times of GDPR and privacy issues.

Thread is a load of giffgaffguff

I also remember when Micro SIMs were becoming a thing - they gave power users huge batches of SIMs (standard) to cut down to size and post out to people. We’d get at least 5 quid for each activated SIM and most who were requesting Micro SIMs specifically did end up getting activated so it worked out quite nicely for a year or so until they started producing their own SIMs as the other networks did.

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