Pending SO’s not showing in summary as usual

Hey all

I’ve noticed an issue today that is affecting all three of my Monzo accounts. I’m due to “pay myself” from my business account tomorrow and another transfer from my personal then goes to my joint for mortgage etc, but none of my accounts are showing this amount as pending. My DD’s due on Tuesday are there but none of my transfers. This is one thing I prefer with Monzo over Starling as they never showed either, so I’m not sure why this month none of them are waiting to credit.

Any ideas?

Same thing is happening in my account as well

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The only reassuring thing is each account has the transfer listed to send tomorrow under the scheduled tab, so I have every faith they’ll go, it’s just odd they aren’t sat there pending with every other transaction type. Weird.

Same here. This happened a few weeks ago and it went out fine

Yes they’ve paid out today as expected.

Just odd they weren’t in the summary like normal.

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