Pending Direct Debits

I think it would be good if there was an option on pending Direct debits to deduct the money immediately from your balance, and display the leftover balance. Especially on Bank Holiday weekends, the transactions can sometimes be pending for several days.

Deduct it to where?

If you pay it from a Bill Pot it won’t be shown on your main balance anyway

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They aren’t pending, they’re upcoming, so they are already reflected if you have budgeting set up.

To where ever normal transactions get deducted from. Normal transactions (eg at Tesco) go out immediately even though they are pending, I thought it would be good if that option were there for Direct debits too.

Tesco have already been paid (or the process has been started. Might be with MasterCard at that stage) it’s just waiting to clear. Direct debits haven’t been paid, it’s just showing the day it’s due to be. If the money was taken from your balance before it had been taken your balance would be wrong