Pelican rouge coffee, scammers?

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Last weekend I used a coffee machine in the port of Dover , my workmates card wouldnt work to pay, so I used my Monzo card, we had 2 coffees but it charged me for 3 transaction.
3 transactions at £1.50, I thought I would Chase it up when back to the UK, but I forgot.

Ive been back all week.

Last night whilst I was home, tucked up in bed at 12:30 in the morning, they have taken for another coffee, £1.50.

I have frozen my card , what can do to stop them taking fir any more coffees ?

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Sadly I dont think there is much the community can help with on this one.
Your best bet to get this resolved would be to message the team in the in app chat.


Best to use the in app chat to report this and the customer ops team will make it right. It looks like some sort of charging error that can be resolved quickly on that channel, but community won’t be able to offer any insight to the transaction.

Just to dispel the impication that Pelican Rouge may be scammers - I can personally say that Pelican Rouge are a highly reputable company who are experts in the supply and maintenance of coffee machines (having worked with them in the past).

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I appreciate your sense of balance, if a company takes money out of my account whilst I sleep , they are scamming me , their reputation is now in shreds, 150 yrs means little now.

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So if Amazon take money from your account whilst you sleep are they scammers too?

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Danny, please, that’s a bit unnecessary to drill on Charles’ hyperbole, I think it’s quite clear what he meant. :slight_smile:

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We have a clown, a clown has entered the building.

If amazon charged me for a fresh coffee 2 hrs drive away from my place of slumber, using my monzo card that is in my wallet, in my jacket in my hallway.

Then yes, Amazon would be scamming me my little investor.

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But Amazon don’t supply fresh coffee though :upside_down_face:


It’s only a matter of time…

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True, I guess with the recent acquisition of Whole Foods who knows…

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I want my coffee* delivery drone NOW! :joy::coffee:

*note, I hate coffee

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This would be a better option :eyes:

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They would be called Scamazon.

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Update,: resolved.

I found their email, they replied with a phone call within seconds, the lovely lady sent me a claims form .

I also got involved with Monzo chat, who pointed out it was actually a credit, they credited me my extra coffee from the week before…

I have since phoned back and apologized.

The clown is now leaving the building…


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