Payslip needed for budget?


So I wanted to clear all my budgets & restart from fresh as it never seemed to add up but when I went to the in app chat, they said they needed to see my payslips to verify my salary?

Why on earth would that be needed? I just wanted to add my income so the budget works correctly???

If you’re already having this discussion in app chat why don’t you ask the advisor who said this?

I did they said they need to ‘evidence’ it - but why? They can see the salary going in every month?

I don’t know and it’s likely nobody on here will either :man_shrugging:

I think you’re best asking the advisor why they need it as evidence and any further questions you have in relation to this :slight_smile:

I’ll admit it doesn’t seem like you should need to supply this but perhaps there is more to this situation than what it seems.

Not one I’ve ever seen mentioned before. Maybe it’s so they can mark it as salary once they clear all the budget info but that’s a guess

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You can do that yourself though. Why would they need proof of employment and salary? They can just select the pay in that he wants to use for his budget.

Why do you need to go into chat for that?