PayPal Direct Debits

I’m trying to pay the scheduled payments via bank but companies like Netflix Google Apple etc don’t seem to take direct debits from bank accounts.

I wondered if I set up the payment via PayPal would the payments show up individually or as one lump sum?

PayPal will take the payments via direct debit (if the merchant allows) individually.

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To add, these will be labelled PayPal, not the merchant you are paying, as PayPal is the merchant for monzo.

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Can you pay Netflix with PayPal?

Anyway, another option that might work for you - one of my Mobile providers allows Netflix to be added to my mobile bill.

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Yes. I’ve done that, I presume though that will make my mobile bill look higher and not show that I’m subscribing to Netflix.

Thank you Tom. I might give that a try as there may be some way to label the individual payments as to what they are.

Who you hiding it from? :joy:


What about using a virtual card for those payments, you can then select which Pot to take it from?

This costs money.

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That £3 a month might mean you can manage your money better. Gives you categories too.

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As well as being able to see all your accounts in one place

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Is this available on joint accounts?