PayPal Current Account Validation

I decided to finally connect my Monzo card and Current Account to my PayPal instead of Lloyds. I had no problem adding any of them but I keep seeing the information about the account needing approval:


When I click Complete Setup it opens up the window “Submit Direct Debit Instruction” which I do but nothing happens. I do not see any notification in Monzo. What do I need to do to complete this setup?

@Dawid, I’ve recently added my account to PayPal too. I’ve just checked and I don’t have the ‘needs your approval’ prompt. Have you completed the step where PayPal deposits an amount (usually 1p) into your Monzo account? Attached to that transaction should be a code you need to input into PayPal to successfully associate them :iphone:

It’s also worth noting that DDs aren’t processed on weekends or bank holidays - may be why you aren’t seeing anything in app at the moment.

That’s what I was expecting to show up on my Monzo feed but unfortunately nothing happened. I first clicked the DD instruction submit on Monday last week

Fair enough, that does sound like a problem! There’s plenty of threads on here and Starling whereby people seem to have had issues setting up PayPal. Weird how it’s worked for some and not others…

If it still needs approval it would seem you have to inset the 4 digit code which would have been sent on the day you added your account, I added my Monzo account without any issues, are you sure there isn’t any incoming transaction from paypal in your Monzo account? Are the bank details in paypal correct?

If not I would try removing the account in paypal then adding it back in.

I had a similar problem even with my Santander account, I’ve done the 1p check twice years before but it keeps defaulting to needing approval. Amounts come out fine for some reason when paying but it keeps saying “needs approval” when I look at my cards/ accounts linked to my PayPal :woman_shrugging:t2: as it doesn’t really affect my use of PayPal I’ve chosen to ignore it entirely.

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