Payments tab takes forever to load

Issue: Payments tab slow to update. I often check my payments tab for things like split bills and money my friends owe me. It takes a solid chunk of time to load, up to 15 seconds on a bad day. There’s no indication that anything is happening either, so I have no clue if the information is up-to-date, or if it’s still loading. It’s a really jarring app experience. Even the simple addition of some “Refreshing…” text at the top of the app, whilst the information is being fetched, would be an improvement.

The specific information I’m interested in are the “Friend owe you” amount, and any transactions/payment requests under “Bill splits & requests”.

Details to reproduce: Open payments tab.
OS: Android 12 13
Device: Samsung Galaxy S22
App Version: 4.55.1

No issues here Pixel 6 Pro.

Are you doing this over wi-fi? Is the issue the same over mobile data?

What about the other way, mobile Vs WiFi?

Is your app and phone fully up to date?

Is there anything else you may be struggling with online wise?

If you do a speed test at what download, upload and ping do you get? As these can have a big impact.

Happens on Wi-Fi and cellular. I updated my Android version to the latest (13, OneUI 5), and the problem still occurs. As far as I can tell, I’m on the latest app version. I’m also a beta tester. It’s consistently bad too. I just tested it by cancelling a split bill, and recreating it a few times. Upon navigating to the payments tab, it takes a solid 10 seconds to update.

We’ve got gigabit fiber, so I doubt it has anything to do with our internet. The fact that it’s happening on cellular too.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve cleared the app cache, cleared the app data, uninstalled and reinstalled, left the beta programme. Nothing seems to fix it.

It seems as though whatever process is running to refresh the data, gets cancelled when I navigate away from the payments tab. So, it’s not like I can just quickly open the payments tab to kick off the refresh. I have to stay on the page until it’s done refreshing.


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It’s still faulty

Are you in a position to try the Monzo app on a different device?

The only other phone I have is my older Android phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S9. Running the same app version, but on Android 10 (One UI 2.5). Also a fresh install of the app. The problem still exists, but it’s less apparent. It only takes about 5-6 seconds to load the same content, whereas the S22 takes 9-10 seconds.

It seems to be taking around the same length of time on both phones now, around 5-6 seconds, to refresh the same data as yesterday. Weird.

It’s not an insanely long list is it?

Nah, I’m observing this issue with only 1-2 split bill requests, and nothing else. I do use the split bill function very often though. I’m usually the one that buys the food.

I’m guessing you have ‘Payments with friends’ set to ON - this will check through your contacts and strip out people who also have Monzo, to display them in the ‘Your phone contacts on Monzo’ section of the ‘Payees’ listing. Do you have a lot of people listed in this section?

Does it speed up if you turn ‘Payments with friends’ OFF?

I did indeed have that option turned on. I turned it off, and then proceeded to cancel one of my bill splits, before navigating back to the payments tab. Still taking the same amount of time to refresh the feed.

The list of contacts/payees isn’t huge either. I only have 26 contacts in my phone, 4 of whom have a Monzo account.

Just so that there’s no confusion, this is the section of the app I’m talking about. The two areas marked in red are the ones that take a while to update.

Ah, so the Payments page itself loads instantly/quickly, but the content in the red boxes takes a while to load?

Correct, yes. And there’s no indication that the information is in the process of being refreshed, the numbers just eventually update. Navigating away from the payments tab stops that refreshing process

Another clarification (Sorry if I’m not being super clear, it might be easier to just upload a video screen recording). The information in those red boxes appears to be cached. So, upon navigating to the payments tab, I’ll see the values from when the tab was last opened, until the values get refreshed several seconds later.