Payments/International Transfer - Improvements

Hi All, a bit of feedback on the international transfers:

#1 Allow amount to be specified in destination currency: I only seem to be able to enter the source currency (destination currency calculated with fees) - This is far from ideal as Iā€™m typically paying for an amount demanded in the destination currency.
I worked around by repeatedly entering the source currency amount until I got what I needed, which is a pain.

**#2 Long recipient name elides the destination amount **: When entering the amount to transfer, if the recipient has a long name, then this is shown in its entirety & the amount is elided as ā€˜1ā€¦ā€™, for example; clearly at this point the number is the more important and should be shown fully.

I got there in the end, and with relative ease, but the suggestions above would have made the process significantly simpler.

Cheers - JT

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