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I had to get some replacement AirPods from Apple and they ‘took’ £130 from my account to put on hold and said that they will release the funds once they receive my original AirPods. They confirmed that they received them on 19/08/2020.

As I have not spent the £130 at Apple and its on hold, how will I know when it is back in my account (apart from a change in balance)? The Apple advisor said that the £130 won’t necessarily show at the top of my statement when they release it as this depends on each individual bank.

Has anyone else been in the same position? If so, did it show at the top of your statement when the hold was released?


Apple have released the funds then by the sounds of it but can take 3-5 working days to come back into your account. If you have evidence that Apple have released the funds you can try reach out to support via the chat (go to help and then search contact us) and provide the evidence Apple have released it they can issue the money back that way, but they can’t always do it, but worth a try.

I think you’ll get a notification when Apple release the hold, and it will show at the top of your feed like a refund, even though technically they are just releasing the hold. So it should be obvious when it happens :slightly_smiling_face:. If you click on the £130 payment and scroll to the bottom, it’ll most likely show as “pending”.

For anything that requires a temporary hold on funds, I prefer to use a credit card so that I’m not without a portion of my own money for X amount of time.

Thank you, I’ve contacted Apple to see if they can provide me with some evidence of them releasing the funds. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, I’m hoping it would be obvious otherwise it’d be easy to miss as the original hold was put a week or two ago! Yes it still says pending under the payment - I assume it will change to ‘released’ or something similar once Apple release it. :crossed_fingers: I’m just surprised it is taking Apple this long!

Historically the hold transaction has remained showing as Pending forever with the new, balancing transaction showing the release. I haven’t checked one recently to see if that’s still the case.


Yeah like @Feathers says the original transaction will probably show as pending forever - that’s my experience anyway.

I’m 99.99% sure you’ll get a notification when they release it though and it will show as a new transaction - specifically a refund - at the top of the feed though so it’ll definitely be obvious :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s just a matter of how long it takes and whether apple actively releases the hold (which I would hope Apple would do) rather than them just waiting for it to drop off which can take anywhere between 8 days (with Tesco it’s 8) up to 30? Someone can correct me if I’m wrong on that upper limit.

If you are in any doubt though as @Marksummers said contact in-app chat with proof from Apple they are not going to settle the payment and they may be able to release it quicker via their dispute form, although there have been changes there recently so I’m not sure about that part.

I had exactly the same - an AirPod replacement. The hold was a full 30 days.


That’s such a long time but at least you got it in the end! Did it come up as a notification for a refund?

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: I spoke to someone at Apple today and she said she will try to chase up the release, so hopefully it will come up on my statement in the next week or so.

I’m just glad it is most likely going to come up as a notification!

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I had the same experience in June. My Amex statement shows neither the hold nor the subsequent release of funds. However, I did receive an email from Apple after six days stating that they’d received my original AirPod, and confirming that the funds were thus being released.

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